Introduction: Phone Scanner Stand

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As a teacher, I am always scanning documents (answer keys, student work, etc.) and saving the scans as PDF's. For many years, I have user the scanner function on the office photocopier. Now, with the use of a scanning app on my phone, and this stand, I can scan the documents myself. Then after scanning, I can email the scans, upload them to Google Drive or to Dropbox.

So let's get started!

Step 1: Materials and Cut List

You will need:

- 1/2" PVC pipe cut to the following lengths:

For the base = 4 sections @ 4"

For the upright = 2 sections @ 3-3/4"

For the arm = 1 section @ 7"

- 3 x 1/2" PVC 90 degree elbows

- 3 x 1/2" PVC couplings

- 1 x 1/2" PVC tee

- large 2" binder clip

- rubber band

- paracord

Step 2: Assembly

The Body:

Following the cut list and the photos, simply press the PVC pieces together. Optionally, you could use PVC primer and cement to permanently connect the pieces, but I prefer the flexibility of being able to take it apart for storage/portability.

The Clamp:

I am borrowing this idea from another 'ible. I am finding that this works as a very versatile phone clamp. Follow the directions at this 'ible to assemble the clamp. When the clamp is assembled, simply attach it to the end of the arm.

Step 3: Ready for Use

You're done! Simply slide your phone into the clamp and position the camera over your document. Download your favorite document scanning app to your phone. Optionally, you could remove one of the upright sections to take "close-up-scans".

I'm pleased with this project because it's cheap, simple to assemble, and it works!

Happy scanning and thank you!