Introduction: Phone Speaker Amplifier and Charger

The purpose of this project is to create a customizable speaker amplifier for your smart phone while giving you the ability to conveniently charge it at the same time. Some uses of this device would be charging your phone in your room while listening to music, a small gathering where music is needed, and many other possibilities with the device being easily portable.

Step 1: Materials Needed

1/4 Inch Medium Density Fiberboard

Hand Saw

Wood Glue

File/Sand Paper

Measuring Tape/Ruler


Step 2: Optional Materials

Clamp x 2 (for holding the box while glue dries)

Weight (for holding the box while glue dries)

Paint (not shown, for customization of box)

Painter's Tape (for paint application)

Step 3: Measuring the Device

Measure the device that you want to use in box. Make sure you add an extra inch or more to the width of the fiberboard you get to ensure there is room to take the phone out. Keep in mind that you are going to measure and cut out the dimensions of the device that you are going to use. So the dimensions for your device may be different than ours. We used a Moto X as our device.

Step 4: Measuring Cont.

Measure out the width of your device plus an extra inch from the edge of the board and make a mark. Move the ruler up and down to make a few more marks. Connect the marks to make a line.

From the line drawn measure out a spot at 1.5" and 3" and move the ruler up and down to make more marks as done before. Connect these marks to make two more lines parallel to the original line.

From this new line measure out some marks 4.5" out and 1.5" and 3" up from the bottom of the board. Connect these marks to make the final two pieces.

When completed the board should look similar to the last image.

Step 5: Cutting the Pieces

For the first cut use the saw and cut following the line first drawn to remove the 4"x6" piece. After this follow the line to remove the 1.5"x6" pieces. To remove the final two pieces follow the line into the board as shown above. Once the cut has been made remove the OUTER most piece first by following the line made. Next the last piece can be removed by cutting along the last drawn line on the board.

Step 6: Building the Box

We used wood glue to build the box. Sand down the sides of the plywood to create a smooth edge for the glue. Make sure not so sand them down too much or your sides will become uneven. We also had clamps to keep the box together. Make sure you follow the manufactures instructions on letting the glue dry.

Note: If you are in a hurry you can hold the box together with painters tape and place in the oven at 150°F for 10 minutes to let the glue dry.

Step 7: Cutting a Charger Cable Slot

To cut the charging cable slot make a mark on one of the smaller sides in the middle of that side. From here use the saw or some other cutting tool too make a slot about 3/4 of the way down the side. Go slowly when cutting to ensure the side does not come off. Also while cutting be sure not to hit the opposite side as this could cause it to come loose and fall off.

Step 8: Customization of the Box (optional)

The box will function the same without this customization step. If you feel the need to customize the box, any paint or flat stickers will work however, try not to use something that will be heavy or thick on the inside of the box as it could affect the sound amplification of the box.