Introduction: Phone Speaker/Stand

Fun Wood Project!


Wood glue
Sand paper
Some sort of speaker to place inside when done

Step 1:

• Cut three squares of wood each the same size 5x5 in
• Cut one more piece that is 2 inches longer than the other three but with the same width 7x5 in
• Cut a thin piece of wood that is 1x5 in

Step 2:

• Attach two of the 5x5 in pieces of wood to the 7x5 in piece of wood (have the 7x5 piece of wood at a slant)
• Use a nail or a screw to attach the pieces together

Step 3:

• For the last 5x5 in piece cut the top at a slant
• Attach this piece at the back with two nails or screws at the bottom

Step 4:

• Glue the small piece to the bottom of the 7x5 in piece

Step 5:

• To make it a speaker first drill two holes in two sides of the box
• Then if you have some type of speaker you can place it inside the box

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