Phone Stand

Introduction: Phone Stand

In this instuctable we will learn how to create a 3d printed phone stand using the free software 123D by AutoDesk.

Step 1: We Will Begin by Opening the 123D Software.

Step 2: Squere Tool

Using the square tool we will draw a square by the dimensions of 70 x 70 that will be our sector border.

Step 3: Basic Shape

In the square we will draw (with the help of the line tool) the above shape:

Step 4: Extrude

We will choose the action Extrude.

We will mark our shape and set a height of 7 mm (in the dialog box that opens).

It is important to note that the shape must be closed for extruding. The sign that the shape is closed is the light blue background inside the shape (as in the picture).

Step 5: Making the Holes Step 1

Then we will draw 3 circles inside the shape. The circles are holes through which the wooden poles will pass.

Circles should be 6.2 mm in diameter.

Step 6: Making the Holes Step 2

We will then select the Extrude function.

Start "pulling" the circles through the shape (You may have to look at the shape from the bottom to select them).

A red cylinder will begin to form, which is a sign that we are cutting through the shape.

Step 7: Last Action: Filet - Smoothing the Corners

Select the tool and then select the corners you want to smooth. We will write 2 in the dialog box.

Step 8: Final

That's it!

If we made 3 holes and smoothed the shape we could select the shape and copy and paste it (CTR C, CTRL V) so that there are 2 shapes.
Now all that's left is to 3D print both parts and fit in the wooden poles in the holes.

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    Cool. Do you have any pictures of one of these that you printed out?


    Reply 4 years ago

    not yet but i'll be sure to add.