Introduction: Phone Stand

This is my first Instructable... so be nice

I decided to make a stand for my phone for when I am away from home, so atleast I can see a clock at night!
This is a simple project that can be made using most things you will find around your office.

I used recycled wooden stirrers from the cafeteria to make this.

The orientation can be changed to suit how you want your phone to stand.
This can be used for pretty much any if your hand held devices, just change the design to suit
- ipod/iphone/android phone/ipad (if you want to get adventurous!)

Step 1:

You can accurately measure your device, but I guesstimated.

I went for an overlapped design for the back of the stand and use spring paper binder to hold in place while the glue set.

Step 2:

When the glue has set, then using a saw (I used a coping saw but a junior hacksaw would do in a pinch) trim the excess to the size you require.

I then built the base  that will support the phone

When this has been clamped and the glue set, then give the whole thing a rub down with sandpaper
It's not too easy to see in the second picture. If it unclear as to what I did, please ask and I will try to explain in more detail.

Step 3:

Add another layer of stirrers to the backing plate and you can make this as basic or complex as you like.

I put a layer of the sticks and held them in place with the paper binders sketched the diamond pattern.
I then cut the pattern out of the sticks and glued on to the back.
- Do this 1 stick at a time so as not to confuse the pattern!
then you can change the orientation of the sticks to suit the patterns you have designed.
Wire cutters are ideal for cutting the sticks.

Again, when the glue has set, sand the whole stand.

Step 4:

While the glue is setting, I then guesstimated the length of the stand and cut the sticks to length.

I used the cross pattern again to allow for stability.
I left a space for the stand to be folded for traveling.

There were also 2 smaller pieces cut for to secure the hinge on each side
 - I changed the design slightly for the hinges. I used 4 small pieces rather than the 3 showin in the second picture with a notch cut out of the 3rd piece to recieve the nail. This was easier than trying to drill a small hole to take the nail!

I sanded down the top corner to allow the leg to swing open to the desired angle before assembly

You could use a paperclip for this, but I used a small nail that I cut to size.

Assembled and then glued the side to the back.

Step 5:

I then cut the rounded edges off and gave the whole unit a sanding to remove any excess glue and to round off the edges

And now the finished article.

You can varnish, stain, paint, or whatever else tickles your fancy that you may think will match your desk decor.
 - If you are going to paint, the  you can probably miss out the decorative part as this would be covered in paint!

I have some Green woodstain that I am going to apply in the near future.

Feel free to ask any questions.