Introduction: Phone Storage Case

I saw a few cases online in which you can store money inside the case itself. Because i hate carrying a wallet, i loved this idea. I decided that i was going to turn my current phone case (Otter Box) into a storage case!
*although my case works great i am not responsable for anyones failures and or destruction of cases or phones*

Step 1: Decided Where to Cut

Decide how big you want your storage hatch to be and mark it out

Step 2: Cut Your Storage Door Completely Off

Be careful when cutting because you still want it to bein one (well two now) peices

Step 3: Glue Your Hinge

I made a hinge out of a thick peice of ribbon. I hot glued it to both peices of plastic in which i wanted the hinge. Use enough that it sticks, but keep it as flat as possible.

Step 4: Put Your Case Back Together

I put my case back together inorder to draw how muh of the rubber i wanted to cut. An otter box has two layers so once your door is done you want to cut a rectangle in the rubber in order tohave room to put money.

Step 5: Cut on the Line You Drew in the Last Step

Vut out the rectangle that is on your rubber

Step 6: Put It Back Together

There you have it! A case that has a hidden storage

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