Introduction: Phone-charger Bracelet

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This is a fully-operational (star wars reference) phone charger. It can be worn on the wrist, as seen in picture 2. It is also pretty comfortable, albeit not as comfortable as normal bracelets. the cable can be unwound as seen in photo 3, that way you won't have to remake it every time.

Step 1: Material

1) phone charger/cable

Step 2: Measure You Wrist

This is the most important part of the entire project; if you do this wrong it will either be to big or to small.
1) in order to measure your wrist, simply take the cable and wrap it around your wrist
note: you'll want to be able to take it off, but you don't want it to be falling off.
2) Take it off your wrist, and cross the two sides of the cables

Step 3: Starting the Twist

When you start winding the cable together you want to make sure that one of the sides is only as big as one wrap of the wrist - see photo 1.
1) Simply wrap the cable around, going through the hole.
2) Repeat untill the entire shorter cable is wound up.

Step 4: Wind the Longer Side

once you have wound the shorter side wind the Longer side, going the opposite direction of the short side. try to keep it on the contures of that were created by the short side. when you are done winding it around, simply tuck the end through itself.

Step 5: Done, and Ready for Use.

To use, simply unwind a little bit of the Longer side (I usually do the USB as the long side).

DO NOT UNWIND THE ENTIRE THING (unless you need to) because otherwise you will have to remake the whole bracelet.

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