Introduction: Phone Projector Box

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There are a lot of these phone projectors out there. They are really easy to make all you need is magnifine glass and a box. You don't want any light going into the box. When playing videos on your phone your gonna wanna turn up the brightness. Some phones reverse the video image. There should be setting in your phone to change that. I found a long box than a shoe box worked better.

get a phone mount

Step 1: Tools and Supplies:

Tools andSupplies

box- longer the better

electrical tape

phone mount


razor blade cutter

magnifine glass

phone or media player

Step 2: Making

Making these projector boxes are pretty easy. First a longer box than a shoe box would work better. The magnifine glass you use can be any but a nicer one works better.

You can leave it in the hand mount i took mine out.

Then trace the magnifine glass on the box for where it will be taped.

Cut out the hole for the magninfine glass.

Tape it into place if you cut the hole right it will sit in there pretty good.

Now for mounting the the phone. I had a phone mount already that I took of the mini tri-pod that it was made for.

I taped this into place.

You could also use form for a phone mount and tape it to the box.