Introduction: Phone/Tablet Controlled Pellet Grill (Traeger)

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So after seeing my brothers awesome $1000 Traeger gill on a visit I decided to build my own. For me it was all about the electronics, and re purposing and old grill I had not gotten rid of yet. In this build I learned how to weld, which was something I had always wanted to do, so I had a lot of fun building this. Hopefully someone else will find this useful and although you probably won't be able to make the exact copy, there is enough information for you to re purpose any old grill. So with out farther ado here are the main parts you will need

1) An old grill (mine was a Weber gas grill.)

2) ESP32 (Arduino controller board)

4) Firepot/Igniter combo

3) Auger

4) Auger Motor

5) Fan

6) Arduino Thermal couple Sensor

7) PT100 Temperature Sensor

8) 4 Channel Relay board

9) Ash Pail

10) High Temp Sealant

11) Smokers Gasket

You will need some assorted steel, I got mine from multiple sources including some stuff I had lying around. And of course what you will need depends on the grill you are using.

You will also need some wire for both the connections to the ESP32 and the connection to the electronics box. The box to put the electronics in (I used a flat gang box from Home depot) and a small box to put the ESP32 in.

Step 1: Step 1: Clean Up the Old Grill

I took out all the gas parts of the grill and removed the drip box at the bottom.

Step 2: Build the Firebox

Step 3: Add the Electronics

Step 4: Test It All Out