Introduction: Phone/selfie Flashlight.

You probably make pictures with your phone, sometimes you need light to make pictures or videos in the dark that's why most of our phones have a flashlight, however some phones don't have a flashlight or your current flashlight isn't bright enough.
That's why i came to this idea, it's very simple and doesn't require much time.

(i never make selfies but i can tell you this is also ideal for making selfies in the dark!)

Step 1: Gather the Items You Need.

So what do you need?

1. you need some 5v led's (Click to buy them for 0.3$ a piece from Banggood).

2. you need something the size of a matchbox (5x3x2 cm)

3. you need a small piece of usb cable (only the micro usb side)

*4. you need a few centimeters of wire ( to connect the led's)

5. you need a phone with usb otg (most phones have otg, if you aren't sure you should check your phone specifications!)

6. you need a soldering iron.

7. you need a glue gun.

* this step isn't required it just makes the job easier.

Step 2: Start Soldering.

You need to solder all the led's together ( + to + and - to -) i used 8 40mAh 5 volt led's but you can use as many led's as you want (i suggest no more than 2 watt of led's)

As you can see my soldering isn't very good, that doesn't matter because we are gonna fix this later on.

Step 3: Connecting

In this step we are gonna connect the usb wires to the led's.
You connect the black usb cable to - and the red usb cable to +, you don't need the other two cables so i put some tape on them so they cant touch the other cables.

After i connected the usb cable with the led's i secured the black and red cables with tape so they can't touch each other.

Step 4: Glue Gun

Now it's time to secure your led's to the matchbox (or something else), this will work great with a glue gun!

After you've done that it's important to secure the led's leads with some glue, this will prevent any shortage.

I also put some glue on 2 of the led's, this will create a dimmer light! and is useful if you want better pictures.

Step 5: Strengthen Your Cables

Your diy flashlight probably won't stand on itself, that's why we strengthen the cables with glue, much glue. This will make it stronger! if this doesn't work properly you can use some matches (without the burned head) to strengthen it even more!

As you can see I've added some matches, i secured them with hot glue on to the usb cable!

Step 6: DONE

Now you are probably done, you can use it as regular flashlight, extra light or even a selfie flashlight!

If you want you can add a switch that will allow you to turn it on and off!

I'll hope you liked it :) Have fun tweaking it to make it nicer!

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