Introduction: Photo Collage Art

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Ever wonder what to do with all those extra photos you have laying around?

Look no further!

Step 1: Gather Materials

Plexiglass (We used a 6ft by 32" sheet, extra thick)

Backing (Wainscoting same size as the plexiglass)

Photos (140+)

Scotch Tape

Hex Nuts

Hex Bolts


Razor Knife

Step 2: Cut Plexiglass and Backing

The plexiglass and the wainscoting backing need to match exactly.

Step 3: Backer Board

Found a scrap piece of wainscoating at Homedepot that we cut to match the size of the plexiglass.

It doesn't matter what it looks like because it will be completely covered!

Step 4: Sort Photos

Decide which photos you want to use and lay them out across the backing (wainscoting).

This is just to give you an idea of where you want each photo and also how many you will be needing.

Step 5: Photo Layout

Begin placing photos and secure with scotch tape. You want to be able to move the photos around if need be so only add one piece of tape on the back of each photo.

(The plexiglass and backer board will be secured together which will hold the photos in place once you are finished. )

Step 6: Check Check

Once you have placed and secured all your photos, make sure you have everything right where you want it.

Make any changes BEFORE you place the plexiglass because some photos will stick to the glass.

Step 7: Place the Plexiglass

Find a "helper" and carefully place the plexiglass on top of the collage. Make sure you match all corners etc.

Step 8: Cut Edges

If any of the photos are hanging out of the plexiglass, you will need to take the razor knife and cut them even with the plexiglass.


Step 9: Measure and Drill Plexiglass

Measure where you want your bolts in the plexiglass.

Drill a small hole where you want your bolt.

Step 10: Secure Plexiglass to Backing

Take a washer, hex nut and hex bolt, secure the backer board to the plexiglass.

(If your lucky, maybe you too can have a "screw nose")

Step 11: Secure to Wall

You will need to decide what works best to secure your "artwork" to the wall.

We wanted it to set off the wall a bit, but you can also secure it flat against the wall as well.

Step 12: Finished!

Enjoy your collage artwork!