Introduction: Photo Frame

You can make your memory more beautiful. I will show how to make photo frame like a book. You can write the title of the photo on the cover.

Step 1: Prepare Matelials

・Cardboard ・Cloth ・CD ×10 ・Clear file ・White paper×3

・Cutter ・Scissors ・Wood glue ・Ruler 

・Bowl ・Electric kettle ・Paint

・Top coat ・Glitter ・Plastic bag

Step 2: Drafting

In order to make two kinds of two frames, draw a line of four frames on cardboard. The frame which becomes the front side of the photo frame is frame 1. The frame on the back is frame 2. The inner line on frame 1 is H 3.5inch × W 5inch. Frame2 and outside of frame1 is H 6inch x W 7inch.

Step 3: Cutting Cardboard

When step 2 is over, cut along that line to make a frame model. Do not use scissors to cut it straight. Cut with a ruler and a cutter.

Step 4: Whitening Cardboard

Paint Frame 1 white. Do not put water so that the paint will not become light. Paste white paper at the edge. This is to make the cross section of the cardboard invisible. Next, paste white paper on frame 2. When you do not put the picture, this face is visible. So do not forget to paste it

Step 5: Putting CDs in the Boiling Water

Put the CD in boiling water. After that, leave it for about 5 minutes. Since the CD is made of plastic, it becomes soft when put in boiling water. When boiling water cools down, CD becomes hard to cut. Therefore, you must regularly change boiling water to a new one.

Step 6: Cutting CD

Be careful as this step is dangerous.

First, make a notch with a cutter. Next, bend the CD to divide it into four equal parts. It's ok even if they are incorrect. At this time there is a danger that fragments of CD will fly towards the eyes. So it is necessary to work in a low position. The deeper the cut, the lower the risk of flying fragments when bending it and breaking it. Finally, cut into small pieces with scissors. At this time the possibility of flying fragments is so high that you work in a plastic bag please.Be careful as these fragments are sharp. Discard the central part of the CD as it is unnecessary. Once you finish cutting CDs, remove wetness.

Step 7: Sticking CD on Frame1

Paste CD fragments on frame 1. Use wood glue to paste. First, paste large pieces. Next, paste the small pieces to eliminate the gap. Please be careful that the pieces of the CD do not protrude from the frame.

Step 8: Making Whiteboard

Make a white board by inserting a white paper in the clear file. It is H 1.4inch × W 5.5inch. Use scissors when cutting it. If you use scissors, the cutting surface sticks with the heat of cutting and there is no worry that blank paper will come out. Paste the white board on the upper side of the back side of the frame 2.

Step 9: Pasting Cloth

First, cut the cloth.This is H 7inch × W 16inch. Next, cut the cloth located on the white board into a cross shape.Then cut the left and right triangles in half and paste them on frame 2.

Step 10: Decoration

Finally, decorate the photo frame to make it look good. Please paint a top coat to show the surface on which the CD was pasted more beautiful. Also paint glitter.

All the steps are completed. Please put your nice photo.

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