Introduction: Photobooth

This instructable contains all files used to make this highly customised photobooth. Included are the drawings for this specific case. But chances are you need to make quite a few changes to make it fit your screen and camera. The case is designed to fit a screen, a camera and a 17" laptop (which could be replaced by a raspberry pi). The software won't be explained, a great tutorial can be found here


  • a screen
  • a raspberry pi
  • a camera
  • MDF wood (14 pieces of 600x300mm)woodglue

Step 1: Step 1: Construction

NOTE: this case has been designed for one specific screen. To make you own' you should modify the files according to your own materials!

First of all, cut all the pieces out of the MDF boards. They are numbered to aid in construction. The Fusion 360 moddel parts are named with the correstponding numbers as wel.

Second, glue the box, start with the bottom, add the front, then the sides and lastly the top. Make sure you put enough pressure on glued parts so they bond correctly.

Don't glue the right front side pannel. this one is used to acces the internals and should be removable.