Introduction: Photograph "paint by Number" (color)

This is a fun project for beginning artists to the ones that have their names in a museum.


~ acrylic paint
~ a favorite photo
~ paintbrush

Step 1: Find a Favorite Photograph

Get your favorite photo printed. Sometimes it's best to print off two so you can use one of them as a reference.

Step 2: Mixing Paint

I often recycle egg cartons to use as my paint mixing station. Mix together your colors and test them to match on your photo if you don't like it wipe it off with a damp paper towel (before the paint has dried) and try a different mix of colors.

Step 3: Paint!

You can use the picture as if it's a paint by number.

Step 4: Marvel at Your Creation

Have fun with this! Use a simple photo frame to hang on your wall.

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