Introduction: Photography

Have you ever wanted the perfect picture but never had the money or had the time to have them professionally done? If so, what I have for you is going to change your mind. I'm going to be teaching you how to take professional pictures and get to capture the perfect view that you've been wanting all this time but with nothing more than just your cell phone. If this sounds like something interesting keep reading and I will show you step by step how to capture the perfect view.

All you need is a:


Camera app

Model/natures or objects


Step 1: Step 1:

First, start off by finding a perfect view that sticks out to you. This view can be anything that comes to mind, it can be the trees, the sun, a person, it can be whatever you want it to be when you've got your view found. You're going to want to go and grab your phone and bring up the camera app.

Step 2: Step 2 :

Then, bring up the camera app on your phone. Next positioned yourself so that everything you see is inside the camera if you cannot see everything inside your camera, either step back so you can get it to tilt your phone to the side. Or use your zoom button, if you tap on the screen and swipe your fingers together. It'll zoom in or you can step forward depending on how you want to position yourself.

Step 3: Step 3 :

Next, you're going to want to do it when you're ready to take the photo. Click the button to take the photo. and when taking a photo, you may want to take more than one just because sometimes if you don't have your phone focused in all the time your pictures can come out really blurry and the way to fix your photos from being blurry when taking it is tap on your phone and it'll focus on what you're trying to capture and when it focuses your picture becomes clearer.

Step 4: Step 4 :

The last thing you'll do is when you go to look at your photo if the lighting isn't right you can go in through your settings and you can change it to help your photo but not all the time does it help or you can go through and edit it so that your picture has more detailing to it and it really sticks out. And then that's how you get a perfect photo.

Step 5: Step 5:

Enjoy your favorite view for a long time!

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