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Introduction: Photography Advice

The first piece of advice I have to share about photography is the most important.

Live with your camera, I never go anywhere without my camera. I took this picture of a pond while I was on my way to pick up eggs from a local farmer I buy my eggs from. I had passed this pond a thousand times over eight years and one day I saw this. If I did not have my camera and tripod on this day the opportunity to capture this image may never have happened. I use this photo as the wallpaper on my laptop computer and share it with others that like it.

Step 1: Beaver

I was fishing when this fellow climbed up on the riverbank and started to clean himself. Beaver are very timid and usually flee people, this fellow sat there and let me photograph him for fifteen minuets. I think he liked being photographed.

Step 2: Deer

I photographed this deer as I was delivering an autographed copy of my poetry book Melodious Verse to a local fan of mine. I was no more than twenty feet from her as she let me photograph her.

Step 3: Pony

This mare loved being photographed, I was returning home from winning a court case and I was taking the back roads when I saw a windmill I thought would look good in a photograph. When the horse saw me take out my camera and tripod it came over to the fence and posed for me.

Step 4: Pictures Don't Lie

The second piece of advice I have to share about photography, have your camera with you and take pictures.

This photograph helped me win the court case I mentioned earlier.
I did not have my camera with me on the day of the accident however after I received the disclosure I took this picture.
The accident occurred at Wilder Lake Road and highway 10 in Varney Ontario Canada.
The OPP police and the witnesses from the other car said it was a strait bit of highway and they had an unobstructed view. And it was a 70 kilometre an hour zone.

You should have seen them try to explain the blind hill and the 80-kilometer an hour zone.
At the peek of the hill you can clearly see hydro wires that look like they are almost on the road, they are twenty feet above the road and only 50 yards beyond the peek. That is only 20 seconds travel time and much less visual travel time depending on the height of your car.

You can lie all you want but pictures don’t, that photo won my court case.

Step 5: Wallpaper

Since digital cameras came out I have had several digital cameras, my old Epson was the camera I took the picture that won my court case, now I have a Canon Power Shot A720IS digital and I would like to get a more powerful camera. I am looking for one with filters that can photoghaph sunrises.

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    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I'd like to add a piece of advice to yours :-) Keep your camera with you and _USE IT!_. Take pictures!! The more you take, the more likely you'll get the one you're looking for. Take pictures of _everything_! You never know what's going to come out just right.

    Oh, this is the same advice you're giving isn't it :-) :-) :-)

    Digital cameras are great. You can see what you've taken immediately, and you don't have to pay for film, processing, and printing.. Shoot 'till your fingers fall off.

    My minivan has a 150 watt inverter. I run a laptop to see what I have full screen size. (There's a black and white film camera around most times too. Film develops in the kitchen sink, and you can print in most bathrooms :-)

    Something fishy here :-)

    doo da do
    doo da do

    9 years ago on Introduction

    I keep my camera handy most of the time, but sometimes I use my cell phone camera that is good for a quick shot.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    dear josehf
    excellent work and advice
    i agree with you 100 %
    thanks a lot
    (you may like my photographs also)