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Introduction: Photomanipulation Zombification

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This is a simple "Zombification" that can be done on any art/photo program that has layers and the basic tools of cut and paste. If you don't have one a FREE program is GIMP , that can do all you need and did I mention it is FREE! For this instructable I am using Photoshop Elements 2, an ancient Bare-bones version of Photoshop.

First you will nee four images: a victim, a skull, a graveyard, and raw meat. These can all be found online or you can go take them yourself and get some air!

One piece of advice, SAVE AND SAVE OFTEN!!!

Step 1: Stack the Images

Open the file of your victim, select all and copy it. Now open a new file the same size, fill it with black, and paste the victim into the new file. This will put it on a layer above the black. Do a copy & Paste of the graveyard and the skull between the victim and the black background.

Step 2: Remove the Victim's Background

Using the lasso or magnetic lasso tool cut out the background of your victim, unless you somehow got them to pose in the graveyard. Hide the other images (click on the eye icon in layers) so only the black background shows through. I had forgotten to take a screenshot so the outside line is off.

Step 3: Skullduggery or Get the Bones Ready

Again use the lasso or magnetic lasso tool cut out the background of the skull.

Step 4: Put the Bones Where They Go

In layers click and drag the skull so it is now above the victim. Then using the move tool position it directly over the victim's head. You will have to re-size it, but don't get re particular about it because we'll align it better as we go.

Step 5: Skull Distortion

We now go up into image > Transform > Distort and will be using the Move tool to better align the skull to the victim's face. Again don't get real picky, just get it closer to a true alignment.

Step 6: Tear Out a Chunk

Using the eraser tool remove some of the victim's cheek, right up to the corner of the mouth. Now we can see that the skull is still slightly off, but we can fix that. Click on the skull layer in layers and using the arrow keys on the keyboard you can slide the skull around under the victim layer and align it with the corner of the mouth.

Step 7: New Eyes

Using the circle marquee tool, make a circle the same size as the eye. Remember that the pupil is the center of the eye so if you line up the one side of the circle with the outside curve of the (left) eye and position the cross-hair of the circle even with the pupil you will get a perfectly sized circle! Use the eyedropper tool and fill the circle with the lightest white on the eye, but don't use the highlights, Copy and paste it onto another layer and make sure to label each one correctly, right eye and left eye.

Step 8: Eyework

Use the Lasso tool and copy & paste the iris of the left eye. Hide the victim and the iris should be setting dead center of the new eyeball. Use the eyedropper tool and complete the iris into a full circle. Then touch-up the rest of the eyeball.

Step 9: More Face Work

Click on the victim in layers and bring it back into view. Using the eraser tool at 50% carve out slowly around the new eyeball until you are happy with the feel of the image.

Step 10: Raw Meat

Now we add some raw meat to the image between the victim and the eyeballs. It's pretty gruesome right there as it is! Use the move tool and side the raw meat around until it looks right, if that's possible.

Step 11: Dig Into the Meat

Click on the meat layer and using the eraser tool cut out some of the juicy red stuff until you can see the desired amount of eyeball and jaw.

Have you remembered to save?

Step 12: Add Some Color

Make sure the background layer is visible and using the eyedropper, find a nice moss color to apply to our zombie. Search the tombstones in the graveyard, something is bound to turn up.

Step 13: Deaden the Skin

Using the paintbrush at approximately 25%, add different greens and yellows to deaden the skin-tones. Work them in down the neck and onto any additional exposed skin.

Step 14: Down and Dirty

Do the same with some browns and even some darker reds from the meat layer. Don't forget the hair, it gets dirty too.

Did you save?

Step 15: Color Variations

There are some enhancements available under adjust color. Use them to fine tune the overall colors of the new zombie.

Step 16: The Eyes Have It

Zoom in and add some veins to the eyes. I like to add another layer above the eyeballs to draw the veins in. That gives me the ability to erase and fine tune them.

Step 17: Shadow Time

Use the Lasso tool and trace around inside of the hair and clothes. Now you can add another layer called Shadow and deepen some of the shadows without mussing the hair. By using another layer you can also erase back into the shadows without messing up the beautiful face we've just made.

Step 18: Undead Finally

And there you have it, one zombified blonde. Hope you learned something and remember to vote for your favorite photo-manipulation!

Did you remember to save?

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