Introduction: Photo(s) to 3D Model

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This is a simple way to make a 3D model for you to print.

The project includes a (optional) handy tool that you can print to help on the photo shoot.

There is 70 pins on the wheel. Clockwise turn steps one pin and counter clockwise jumps 2 pins at a time.

Program used to smash up the photos together is Autodesk Memento.

Things you will need:

A Camera.


A M10 threaded rod.

A few nuts and washers.

So this can be done without 3D printer.

For optional part you will need a 3D printer

The files included are the final printable file of the car and mesh picture for Memento.

Step 1: Desing

The whole project was designed with Tinkercad.

After the designing the file was downloaded in .stl format for the printer.

The files can be found from here free, but if you would like to support my project's you can buy the files from Redpah.

The model can be found from here:

Step 2: Printing

The whole project is printed with Printrbot simple makers kit, with modified X axle for bigger prints. If you would like to see how it is done comment me and i can make a instructable about that also.

Printer settings:

Plastic: PLA 1.75

Nozzle: 0.4mm

Layer height: 0.2mm

Print speed: 40mm/s

Fill: 10-20%

Step 3: Shaft

Cut about a 7 cm long shaft and screw it inside the bottom part of the build.

The shaft used is basic M10 threaded rod.

Make sure that the shaft is all the way down.

Step 4: Build

After the shaft is on the base part screw down one nut and put a washer on top of it.

Then place the disk on the washer and washer on top of the disk. Finally adjust the right height for the disk and put the last nut on.

Make sure that the nuts aren't too tight so that the disk can turn but also not too loose so the wheel won't be unbalanced and thus making it jump pins.

Lastly put the plate on the disk and hot glue it on to it. Make sure that it is center as possible.

Now the "tool" is ready to redeem itself.

Step 5: Photocraphing

Get your model and the tool to a place where is good lightning. Put some tape or something on your model to make sure it says in place when turning the wheel.

I took the pictures of my son's favorite car.

It would be best to have the camera on a stand so the distance to the object stays the same the whole time.

Now just repeat this process 70 times:

1.Take a picture.

2. Turn the wheel clockwise



When about 70 pictures are done load them to your computer.

Step 6: Load the Pictures to Memento

Load the pictures to memento.

Click the camera picture under the Create 3D

Chose Local Drive.

Add pictures from the + mark

Chose the pictures you just took from the model

Click Open

Click Create Model

Name your Model

Click start.

Now wait patiently. The process may take a while.

Step 7: Remove Unwanted Junk

Just chose the mesh you would like to get rid of and press DEL.

There are many helpful tools to chose from.

If you do something that you regret, Press Crtl+Z and it will revert the last change you made.

Step 8: The Mesh

The mesh could (and will) look a bit like an old raisin.

Watch the video to see the process.

Fix that by selecting->Edit->Sculpting tools

Put the setting to Push and use strength as you see fit.

Now just start brushing those wrinkle's away.

The model can be as smooth you like. Little wrinkles wont be showing in the final product easily.

When you are done select the next useful tool from

Analyze->Detect and fix mesh issues.

Press detect issues.

If anything is found fix them. This tool also helps on building the bottom part of the mesh to a whole.

When everything is done click the M on upper left corner and click Export,

Chose in settings to Export as STL and press Export.

You now have a printable file of the model you had.

Step 9: Printing

When printing you can make up the size of the print.

Just scale up or down to make the size you want.

Then press print and wait for it to be done.

Step 10: Done


You are now done.

This is just a way to make small objects printable. Take the camera and snap a few pictures of your house.

Use the same technique as before and you can print anything you want.

Thanks for reading!

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