Introduction: Photosensitive Guide

This project is to make a kind of guide cane for blind people to find their way. However, I chose to change it into a game that everyone can play. I made a guide cane that is photosensitive, and it will make a noise when it senses a certain brightness. The player would have to wear eye masks and use the cane to find the treasure that has lights on it. Therefore, when the guide cane makes a noise, the player knows the treasure is in front of him/her.


Supplies needed for this project:

Tools :

- Blade

- Scissors

- Ruler

- Pencil

- Cardboard

- Hot melt glue gun

- 1 power bank

Arduino materials :

- x1 breadboard

- x1 Arduino UNO board

- Jumper wires

- x1 Photoresistance

- x1 220-ohm resistance

- x1 buzzer

Step 1: Pasting the Code

Apply the given code below and paste it on the Arduino, upload the code to the wire.

void setup()




void loop()


Serial.print(analogRead( A0 ));

Serial.print(" ");


delay( 20.0 );

if (( ( analogRead( A0 ) ) > ( 1000.0 ) ))


tone(3, 1000.0, 100.0);

delay (100);

tone(3, 800.0, 100.0);

delay (100);

tone(3, 600.0, 100.0);

delay (100);



Step 2: Setting Up the Breadboard

In this step, you will be setting up your Arduino breadboard and focusing on the circuit. You will need all the "Arduino materials" mention above.

Step 3: Setting Up the Photoresistor

In this step, you will be focusing on how to set up the photoresistor.

First, use jumper wires to connect 5V to the positive charge and connect GND to the negative charge. Second, use a jump wire connecting positive charge to a random hole on the breadboard. Then place the photoresistor on the same vertical line as the jump wire you just place it. Next, place another jumper wire connecting the photoresistor to A0 pin. Third, put the 220-ohm resistor on the same vertical line as the jumper wire that connects to A0. At last, place a jumper wire connect the resistor to the negative charge. (see the picture above)

Step 4: Setting Up the Buzzer

This step you will be setting up the buzzer.

On three easy steps to finish the circuit of the buzzer. First, use a jumper wire to connect the negative charge to a random hole on the breadboard. Second, place the buzzer on the vertical line as the jumper wire. Last, use another jumper wire to connect the other side of the buzzer to D3-pin.

At this point, you have finished the circuit needed for this project.

Step 5: Preparing for the Materials for Making the Exterior

You will have to prepare all the "tools" shown above to make the exterior.

Take the cardboard and cut it to the following size:

- x2 19.5 X 14.5 cm

- x2 14.5 X 6 cm

- X2 18 X 6 cm

- X4 67 X 3

- x1 13 X 14 (optional)

Step 6: Building Up the Main Part of Th Device

stick the ( )and( )cardboard together to form a box. Remember to curve a little hole on the left cardboard in order to connect the Arduino UNO board to the power using the wire. Also, before you stick it into a box, put your whole circuit into the box.

Step 7: Building Up the Handle

In this step, you will have to stick the four ( ) cardboard together and form a rectangle. After that, remember to hide the wire inside the handle and expose the plug for the power bank later.

Step 8: Applying the Power Bank

This step you will have to prepare a power bank and connect it to the wire. After that, stick it at the back of the handle and cover with the cardboard. After this step, you're finished with the device.

Step 9: Enjoy the Game!!!!!

The last step you have to do is to prepare treasures. one of the treasure has to be bright. Close the light, wear eye masks, hold on to the photosensitive Guide, and find the treasure!!!