Photoshop Tutorial

Introduction: Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial will allow you to recreate a movie poster that is inspired by the Avengers: Endgame poster by using adjustment layers and layer masks.

Step 1: Insert & Position Images

Save the images provided or find your own. Open Document and select Place Embedded under File. Select each picture at a time and position it in the same way as done in the first picture.

Step 2: Lasso & Use Vector Mask

One image at a time, use the lasso tool and outline only the person, ignoring the background of the images. Then select "Add Vector Mask" at the bottom of the layers tab. This is to isolate the images easily without altering the background.

Step 3: Background Image & Layer Arrangement

Select image for your background and insert it. Arrange the layers by going to the layers tab and dragging your background layer to be the first one. The background should be the first layer so that the other images are easily seen.

Step 4: Hue & Saturation of Background

While having the background layer selected, select "Add adjustment layer" at the bottom of the layer tab then select Hue/Saturation. Ensure that the properties are as follows: Hue=0, Saturation= +15, and Lightness= +10. These adjustments are to highlight certain areas of the background and to make it more similar to the original poster.

Step 5: Auto-Contrast

While still on the background layer, go to the Image tab at the top left of the screen. Select Auto Contrast to make the color more prominent.

Step 6: Lasso on Logo

Insert the Avengers logo and use the lasso tool to lasso ONLY the "Avengers" writing. Then add a vector mask. Use the lasso tool again if you need to make touch ups to ensure you don't have any of the black background showing.

Step 7: Logo Layer Arrangement

Right click the avengers logo layer and make a duplicate called "Avengers Logo 2." Right click on the vector mask of the Avengers Logo 2 layer and select "Delete Layer Mask."

Step 8: Logo Layer 2

Use the lasso tool to only select the "endgame" writing then add a vector mask. Use the lasso tool again if necessary to remove the black background from the writing.

Step 9: Brightness/Contrast on Lights

Insert the picture of the lights and right click the picture and select "Rotate 90 degrees Counterclockwise" then adjust the picture so that it covers the entire poster then place it. While on the lights layer, select the Adjustment tab and add a Brightness/Contrast mask. Make sure that the Brightness is at 30 while the Contrast is at 0. This is so that the lights have more contrast with the background and are brighter.

Step 10: Opacity on Images

While still on the Lights layer, change the opacity to 30% so that the background can still be seen and to have the lights blend more with the background. Next go to the Thanos layer and change that layer's opacity to 50% so that it's more similar to the original poster in that Thanos is faded into the background and not the most prominent aspect of the poster.

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