Introduction: Photoshop Tutorial: Bart Simpson

This is a tutorial for photoshopping Bart Simpson

Step 1: Find a PNG Formatted Picture of Bart Simpson, Preferably Black and White

I just found a basic black and white picture and it was already formatted as a PNG picture. It seemed good to color in and was pretty easy to find one.

Step 2: Begin to Color in His Picture However You Like. You May Want to Shade Him a Bit So He Seems More 3D

I just used the paint tool and the fill tool to color in the picture. I used a darker color near the back of his head to show some 3D characteristics.

Step 3: Find Some Article of Clothing, You Will Be Tracing This.

I used a Supreme headband to trace and then I shaped it on the picture how I wanted.

Step 4: You Can Use the Quick Selection Tool While Holding the Shift Key to Select Multiple Parts of the Clothes at Once.

I held the shift key to select certain parts and used the fill tool to paint them all at once.

Step 5: Use Adobe Illustrator's Pen Tool to Make Some Shoes

I used Adobe Illustrators' pen tool to create all of the detailed lines on the shoes.

Step 6: Click This Button to Create a Hue/Saturation Layer

This lets me manipulate the colors to make the clothes look better or mishappen.

Step 7: I Used a Hue/Saturation Layer on His Shorts and Shirt

His colors on the shirt make it look unusual and a bit better.

Step 8: Make a New Layer for the Eyes

I just made a whole new layer specifically for the eyes.

Step 9: Select Eyes With Pen Tool.

I selected them with the pen tool.

Step 10: Then, at the Top of the Screen Click Selection. Then Click OK Then, Right Click With the Quick Selection Tool Then Click Fill

This will fill whatever you traced with the color of your choice.

Step 11: Make Sure the Contents Says "Color" and Select Whatever Color You Want the Eye to Be

This will now fill the tracing with the pen tool.

Step 12: Repeat Steps 9-11 for the Other Eye

Just repeat them as you just did.

Step 13: Choose Innerglow Now That Both Eyes Are Whatever Color You Want. and Mess Around With the Settings to See What You Want.

This will make the eyes have a glowing appearance.

Step 14: Now Do the Same As in the Previous Step But Choose Outer Glow Instead.

This will make the outside of the eyes glow.

Step 15: Then Do a Few Touch Ups With the Paint Tool.

I just used the paint tool to fix up some stuff.

Step 16: Then Click Save As and Save It to Your Flash Drive and You Are Done.

Just save it then you are done.