Introduction: Physical Toggl Button

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I'm Mesut. I like Toggl time tracking application very much. I decided to make a physical Toggl button with a simple set of supplies.


  1. Node MCU (ESP8266 Board)
  2. Big Red Button (comes with switch)
  3. Some jumping cables

Step 1: Step 1: Pre-Design

Toggl button is simply a led and button (switch) circuit. For my needs this button should be able to,

  • Connect to the internet as stand-alone.
  • Should be able to start and stop timers by connecting to the Toggl's REST and WebSocket services.
  • Light should indicate a running time entry.
  • It's light can be managed from remote as well.

So you can start to prototype on breadboard.

At this phase you can start to software side and you can continue after you finish the software.

You can take a look to my project code.

My repository:

If you would like to just skip to the code, click here.

Step 2: Step 2: From Breadboard to Cables

After I complete my software part and circuit design, it's time to use regular cables instead of jumper cables. Because breadboard takes a lot of space.

I simply merged cables from conductive parts. Because I'm not really good at iron soldering.

Step 3: Step 3: Experimenting With Boxes

It's time to see the design in a box.

I love paper in terms of different aspects of it. So I find a product box and started to fill it.

  1. Image: I found new box
  2. Image: I've put cables into the box. After this I noticed that there is no part to merge switch with button.
  3. Image: So I've got them and started to work on it.
  4. Image: This is how this part plays a good role.
  5. Image: close-up view of the switch.
  6. Image: I've did some iron soldering. As you see it's more minimal than 2nd image.

Step 4: Step 4: Bring Up

As you see, our button is ready.

You can see also find some views from the button. When I've stopped the Toggl button from my computer, it's being turned off. I also can start and finish timers from the button.