Introduction: Physics Board Game : Clown's Candy

Clown’s Candy game is a carnival-themed game designed with popcorn, balloons, and other carnival decorations that will be enjoyed by kids, teens, and adults. The main goal of the game is to exhibit the concept of projectile motion with the use of a catapult. The catapult is positioned for shooting the marbles which will serve as the clown’s candy into the holes found in the picture of the clown.


• 10 Popsicle sticks

• 2 Rubber bands

• Plastic spoon

• Glue gun

• 20 Marbles

• Carton Box

• Red Cartolina

• White Cartolina

• 3 Folders

• Printer

• Red poster paint

• White Poster paint

Step 1: Assemble the Popsicle Catapult.

In launching the marble, you must need a projectile launcher and one of the devices to use are catapults.

To assemble and create your own catapult, you must need 10 popsicle sticks, glue gun, and glue sticks for this step.

1. First you will be connecting the ends of 4 popsicle sticks forming a square.

2. Use the other 2 popsicle connecting each of their ends together in a scissor-like form. Do this 2 times.

4. Assemble the popsicle square and the the 2 pairs of scissor-like popsicles with hot glue which then forms a stand.

5. Connect 1 popsicle unto the middle of the 2 scissor-like stand.

6. Attach the head of the spoon unto a popsicle.

7. Place the popsicle with the spoon head unto the middle of the popsicle stand with 2 rubber band separately connected on the feet of the stand.

There you have it! You're own popsicle catapult!

Step 2: Create Your Arena.

Now you have your catapult, it's now time to create the arena wherein you will shoot your marbles.

1. Prepare your corrugated box, red and white cartolina, red and white paint, paint brushes, glue sticks and glue gun.

2. Fold in you corrugated carton to form a box.

3. Paint the inside of the box in alternating colors of red and white to create a vibrant carnival theme.

4. Now, cut strips of red and white cartolina with the dimensions of 2'" x 8 ". Glue the strips unto the outside of the box in alternating red and white to match the inside of the box.

5. Proceed to printing the needed designs in completing the arena. Download the designs here!

6. After printing, cut out all the designs and then paste the designs under the folder "Designs to stick" unto the inside of the box except the logo. Paste the logo outside of the box. Click here to download

7. Print out the files under the "Designs with stand" folder. For the amusement park venues create a stand by folding a piece of folder and paste it on the back of the cutout. Paste the design stands unto the inside of the box. Set aside the three clown designs. Click here to download

8. The three clowns will serve as the pit of the arena. You must cut out a circle unto the face of the clown wherever you prefer. It can be on the mouth or the hat. In creating a container for the pit, simply form a box using a cardboard and stick it unto the back of each of the three clowns.

9. Now, secure the three clown pits by sticking the back of the card board unto the lid of the inside of the box.

10. Add some additional designs if you like then you got yourself the carnival arena!

Step 3: Add the Marble Station.

1. Cut out 2 piece of folder that would allow 10 marbles to fit inside.

2. Fold and form a small rectangular container.

3. Add a lid by also folding a piece of folder.

4. If you want to secure the marbles, punch a hole unto the middle and add a a ribbon or any rope to close the lid.

5. Add your marbles.

Step 4: Add the Distance Marker

For the player to be aware of the distance, there should be marking to know how far or near does it need to reach the marble unto the pit. The following are the instructions in adding the distance marker for the game.

1. Print the distance marker. Click here to download

2. Fold it into quarters horizontally.

3. Paste the end of the fold unto the front of the box.

4. The distance marker will serve its purpose in the game.

Step 5: Have Fun!

Now you are down to the last step, have fun in playing the game guided by the following rules of the game.


1. Choose your marking.

2. At a designated location, the players will position the catapult. In launching the marble, the location should be the most suitable in the distance to be able to land the marble to the pit.

3. The player will identify the appropriate angle with the specified measurements to fire the marble into the pit. By measuring the appropriate angle, the player must identify the angle that would start the launch of the loaded catapult, given that no measurements are provided.

4. For each round, the players will be given 20 marbles to be divided into the number of players involved in the game.

5. Each player has to take turns and they have the chance to aim only one marble at a time. It would be scored if the player was able to aim the pit and shoot the marble onto the pit.