Physics Boat

Introduction: Physics Boat

-duct tape
-paint brushes

Step 1: Creating the Boat

Create the boat. Cut out the base and leave a few inches (we left 10) around the sides and fold them up. Once you have done that, you can add an extra layer of walls on the inside. Then, if you want, cut out another base, a bit bigger than the original, and add it to the bottom. From there, there should be extra space around the bottom sides, and there you can add more wall layers on the outside. Duct tape the whole bottom to be safe, and the whole outside as well. We left the inside untapped. Then, for more stability, we rolled up a piece of cardboard, and placed in towards the front of the inside of the boat.

Step 2: Paint

We painted our theme, Candy Land, with paint latex gloss paint from Home Depot. First, we painted the inside of the boat white, then decided to duct tape the outside white to save paint. Then, we painted our designs on the boat.

Step 3:

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