Introduction: Physicsthlon

Physicsthlon is a game inspired by the sport triathlon. Where each different sport or situation is connected to one another, and you cannot proceed to the next situation without finishing your current situation or sport. This game is a PowerPoint game and the most important thing to do in making a PowerPoint game is the hyperlink, where when you clicked a text there is a particular slide that will pop up or will be shown.

Mechanics are:

1. Player has 3 lives

1.1 If the player used 3 lives, game over

1.2 Player will lose 1 life per incorrect answer

2.Questions are Physics topics related

3.There are three situations that you need to finish

1st Situation: Jumping from a cliff

2nd Situation: Swimming

3rd Situation: Jogging

4.One question per situation in order to proceed

4.1 You only have one chance to answer per question

4.2 If your answer is correct, proceed to the next situation

4.3 If your answer is incorrect, you are to answer a new question but still in the same situation

4.3.1 You cannot proceed to the next situation until you get the correct answer without losing your lives

5. Finish the situations while not losing your life to win

6. Whenever there are arrows, press the arrow to go back and to be in the right sequence of the game

Step 1: Have Your Cover Slide

This slide will serve as your main slide for the game, where before the game starts this should pop up. Like other games, the main slide should be connected to the mechanics and the authors, and of course, the start button to play the game will pop up when clicked.

Step 2: Have Your Mechanics

If you are going to make a game, you should have mechanics or you should provide information on how to play the game. As seen on the cover slide, when you clicked the how to play the game link, this will slide will pop up.

Step 3: Provide the Authors

We provided the authors of the game for the credits, but it depends on you if you would add this part. As seen on the cover slide, when you clicked the authors' link, this will slide will pop up.

Step 4: Situation Slides

As seen in the introduction, these situations are for all of the lives that the player have. There is a question that the player should answer then clicking the answer/link of his chosen answer. As you can see on the slide, there are links of how to play the game (copied from the previous slide) and in able for them to recall what to do.

Step 5: What to Do Slides

When the link of what to do is clicked, these slides will pop up depending on what situation they are in. Explaining the situation or illustration, and telling the player what is the task about.

Step 6: Correct or Wrong Answer Slide

These slides will pop up if their answers are correct or incorrect, depending on their chosen answer/link.

Step 7: Answer Keys Slide

The answer keys will be provided after they answered the question only if they clicked the answer key link in the correct or wrong slide (step 6), regardless if the player is wrong or not. The pictures shown are the answer keys for the three situations, depending on how many lives left they have.

Step 8: Victory Slide or Game Over

This slide is if the player won or lose the game, this particular slide will pop up telling that he finished the game successfully or not. But remember, there are only 3 lives all throughout the game.