Introduction: Piñatarama Pumpkin

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Pinatas have always been a part of our family fun during holidays and birthday parties. To this day our family still carries on this Mexican tradition.

Here are five simple steps to make a homemade Pinata.

Have some fun and let the kids join in, be creative, and fill it with treats! It is sure to bring laughter and cheers to any celebration.

Give it a try!



  • 2 -/+ cups flour
  • 4 to 5 cups warm water
  • newspaper
  • 1 punching balloon / balloon
  • scissors
  • floral wire & wire cutters
  • streamers: color pumpkin orange
  • construction paper:
    • 1 sheet back 8 x 11
    • 2 sheet green 8 x 11
  • dish pan buckets/ large bowl
  • white all purpose glue
  • plastic container / bowl/ bucket (to hold the pinata while drying)
  • large cookie sheet or plastic table cloth (to keep area clean)

Step 1: Step 1: Let's Get Started

Materials needed for Step 1:

punching balloon, cookie sheet or plastic table cloth

  • First cover your work space with a plastic table cloth or use a large cookie sheet.
  • Next fill the punching bag/ balloon to the size desired for the pinata.

Step 2: Step 2: Papier-mache Time

Materials needed for Step 2:

scissors, newspaper, flour, water, whisk, large tub, larger bowl to set balloon on while drying

**This complete step takes 2-3 days:

  • Cut the newspaper into approximately 1 1/2" X 8 - 10 " in length strips.
  • Make papier mache mixture by combining flour and warm water together in the large tub.
  • Whisk the flour into the warm water so there are no lumps. Stir until the mixture has a consistency of watery paste.
  • Place several strips of newspaper into the papier-mache mixture. Place only what you can use within a few minutes so the strips do not get soggy and weak.
  • Dip the strips into the mixture and shake off excess. You can run them between your two fingers to take off excess moisture.
  • Cover all of the balloon. Placing the paper strips criss cross.
  • Allow to dry before adding second layer.

HINT: You can store the papier-mache paste in the fridge covered for a few days.

  • Set the balloon on a larger container to dry.
  • Rotate the balloon several times while drying. So it does not stick to the container.
  • Add 4 layers or more. Be sure to dry between layers and place strips in various directions to strengthen the papier-mache.

HINT: You can speed up drying time by placing near a fan. Drying in direct sun will expand the balloon and rip the papier-mache.

Step 3: Step 3: Let's Get Colorful

Materials needed for Step 3:

scissors, orange streamers, white glue, large plastic container

  • Cut orange streamers into 5"- 6" strips.
  • Place two strips criss-cross on the bottom of the papier-mache to start the decorating.
  • Use white glue to place strips on the papier-mache. (we have used glue sticks or hot glue)

  • Cut the rest of the streamer strips with slits approximately 1/2" apart horizontally in a fringe type manner. (As shown in the photo.)
  • Glue the strips of papier-mache in rows. To get a good rich color overlap the strips as shown in the photo.
  • Use the container or large bowl to balance the pinata while covering so the streamers do not get smashed.
  • Cover pinata completely with streamer strips.

Step 4: Step 4: Hang Time

Materials needed for Step 4:

floral wire, wire cutters, large container, scissors

  • Time to POP the balloon!
  • Cut four pieces of floral wire 18 -/+ inches long
  • Poke four small holes approximately 4 inches down from the top of the pinata.
  • Put one wire through each hole and loop it and twist the wire like a bread tie.

Step 5: Step 5: Face Time

Materials needed for Step 5:

white glue, green & black construction paper

  • Cut out the face design from the black construction paper.
  • Use glue to apply.
  • Cut a 3-4" strip wide 11" long for the stem and a collar for the top out of green construction paper.
  • Use glue to apply.

Time to fill with treats and have fun!