Pi Cotton Tablecloth

Introduction: Pi Cotton Tablecloth

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Make a Pi tablecloth using bleach and vinyl stickers for the math enthusiast in your life or to celebrate Pi Day.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this project you will need:

  • 1 cotton tablecloth
  • 1 12" vinyl Pi sticker
  • Small vinyl Pi stickers (Amount will depend on the size of your table)
  • Vinyl numbers representing the value of Pi (The size and quantity of digits will depend on the size of your table)
  • Bleach
  • Spray bottle
  • Masking tape
  • Washing machine and dryer
  • Iron

Step 2: Prepare Your Tablecloth

Wash, dry and iron your tablecloth.

Lay your tablecloth out on the table it will be used on. Center it.

Step 3: Place Tape As Guidlines

Place tape along the edges of your table to space your numbers and as a guide to stick them down.

Step 4: Place Your Number Stickers

Place the number stickers along the two longest edges of your table. Use the tape to line them up and space them from the edge.

Make sure to press down your stickers very well and to rub them into the tablecloth.

Step 5: Place Pi Stickers

Place your large Pi symbol sticker in the center of your tablecloth.

Place your small Pi stickers evenly around the large Pi sticker. Face them in all different directions.

Once again, make sure to press down your stickers very well and to rub them into the tablecloth.

Step 6: Spread Your Tablecloth Out

Spread your tablecloth out flat on the ground.

It is veryimportant to do this step OUTSIDE.

Do not attempt this on a windy day.

Step 7: Bleaching Your Tablecloth

Mix your bleach and water into a mixture that is 60 percent bleach, 40 percent water and fill your spray bottle.

Spray your fabric around your numbers and Pi symbols.

Blot up excess bleach.

Let the bleach sit on your fabric until it has reached a desired contrast. You can gently peel up the corner of a sticker to check how far along it is.

Step 8: Finishing Your Tablecloth

After your tablecloth has reached a desired level of contrast machine wash and dry.

Once again, iron your tablecloth.

Return your tablecloth to your table.

Decorate for your Pi Day celebration with Pi Pie Plates!

(My instructable for Glass Pi Pie Plates is available here)

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