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Introduction: 'Pi' Day Poster Tribute

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All hail the mighty pi!
We all love pi. Don't we?

This instructable has been made keeping in mind the greatness and "immortality" of pi.
This poster consists of only a small amount of numbers, arranged in such way that they display the thing they are the part of.

You know.

As complicated as it might look, this poster was made only in 1/2 hour. Looks like a days job!
Let's start!

Step 1: Supplies

This project uses only the most basic things:-

1. Adobe Illustrator
2. An itsy bitsy knowledge of it.(Don't fret, I'll explain, but it would be easier for you if you know what YOU are doing.)
3. A printer
4. A piece of stiff cardboard so as to give the poster a backbone.
5. Some glue
6. Scissors (Conditional)
7. Punch machine(Omit if not desirable)
8. Some thread for hanging(Omit if not desirable)


Step 2: Designing in Illustrator I

I broke up this part into 2 just to make it easy. Not that it was tough.

So first, open the Illustrator and get a new document of whatever size you want the poster to be. I chose A4.

(What? You think A4 is a small size? A poster is something that conveys a message to the viewer, and the size does not play a role there. Choose any size!)

Now click on type tool or press 'T' on your keyboard. Set the font to 'Symbol' and the size to a mighty '1000'. Yes, 1000.
Press the letter 'p' (lowercase) and the symbol for pi will appear on your screen. Sweet!

Step 3: Designing in Illustrator II

Now choose the direct selection tool (Black arrow, First tool) and right click on the symbol you just created. Click on 'create outlines'. This creates a margin of the whole letter. Now go to 'object' (third drop down menu in the top from the left) and enter a further drop menu from 'compound path' (Third last option). Now click 'release'.
Alternatively, you can press the shortcut key i.e. Alt+Ctrl+Shift+8.
Experience works like magic.

Now comes the fun part. Go to this website. The website has documented 100,000 digits of pi! Whoa! Copy some of the rows.

Now hold the type tool and select the 'area type' tool from the menu that comes out. What this tools allows is to typing inside a specified shape. cool right?

Remember the rows that you copied? Paste them over here. Make sure that when you paste the digits there, the font size has been reduced to your liking and changed as per as your liking.

Step 4: Printing & Gluing

Yes. I dedicated an entire step for printing and gluing.

You could either export the document as a .jpeg, or you could print it directly from within Illustrator. I prefer using Illustrator so as to prevent quality loss.

Print it out on desired paper. Any paper is good as long you are satisfied with it. Take the and spread out glue on the cardboard. Make sure it is evenly spread so as to prevent any air bubbles to form when the paper is put. If the paper is not a perfect fit on the cardboard (which it most probably won't be) then cut the cardboard to achieve the desired result.

Alternatively, you could put some tape on its sides and secure it in its place.

Step 5: Punching and Hanging

The title sounds sinister.

*evil laugh* This step is totally optional. If you do not want to hang the poster and just keep it with you, then move on. If not, then :-

1. Find the center of your piece and punch holes with your machine.
2. Take a piece of thread, and tie the thread tightly after poring it through the holes.
Done, amigo.

Step 6: Glory Retained!

This is the saved jpeg and it looks amazing.
My god.

The poster hangs with full pride and glory above my study desk. It constantly reminds me of the infinities of the universe and also that we humans are so retarded that we cannot even find the exact value of pi.
Just kidding, I know it is irrational.

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I know it is good.
You do too, right?

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