Introduction: Add an Image to Your PCB

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This tutorial will guide you to place an image/logo on your PCB .

The tutorial is tailored work with the manufacturer I use to have my boards made OSH Park which is a great organization that offers low cost PCB batches of 3 boards based in the USA.

Step 1: Find an Image You Like

Working with image that is vector style or silhouette style-like will help ensure your image gets converted from it's original (jpg,jpeg ) form into a BMP file

Step 2: Resize Your Image to Fit the PCB

Most images will be too large to fit into the board which is why it is recommended to use an image resizing editor which will take a couple( or a load of) tweaking to fit the desired space on your PCB.

  • Just upload your file to your favorite image resizer and adjust as fit
  • Then download the file to your computer

Here is the image resize Editor I use

Step 3: Convert the File to a BMP Format

Next convert the file from it's (jpg, jpge etc) file into a BMP file

  • Upload the resized image to the editor
  • Under color select Monochrome

The image will be turn into a crisp black and white

Here is the link to the JPG to BMP online converter

Step 4: Import the BMP File Into Eagle

There is an existing script that allows a BMP file to be transferred into EAGLE

Open up your board file in Eagle then select:

  • File--> RUN ULP
  • import-bmp.ulp

Find your BMP image file

Select the color white (which is the default color used by OSH Park)


Make sure to have the settings !

Format Select: DPI (dots per inch )

Dots Per Inch: 300 the number OSH Park recommends

Layer : 21 Is the layer of the board where you want the image to be I choose layer 21 (layer for the top name of my board)

*Note you can change the layer to whatever layer you want !

Select the Run Script Button

Step 5: Successfully Imported File

If your file imported you should now see your image in Eagle CAD

I uploaded a couple times since I did not get the size correct a couple (or a lot ) of times

Step 6: Locate the Image to the Desired Area

Moving an image could be tricky at first but follow these steps:

  • Select the Group icon
  • Highlight the image so it turns from grey to black
  • Select the Move Icon
  • Hold down the control+right click
  • Select Move group

You should be able to move the image fully

If you move eagle line separately the image starts to become distorted

Step 7: Finished!

If your image is a bit bigger than the dimensions of your PCB don't worry OSH park automatically only prints whatever is with in the bounds of your board

Go to OSH Park and upload your .brd file and you will be shown what your PCB looks like

as well as receive a quote for 3 of the PCBs

link to OSH PARK


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