PiLapse - Raspberry Pi Timelapse [ V0.2 ]




Introduction: PiLapse - Raspberry Pi Timelapse [ V0.2 ]

Transform your Raspberry Pi in a Timelapse machine!

The full guide is available there: https://goo.gl/9r6bwz

In this guide i used:

  • RPi version 2 ( but i suppose that it works on all RPi version )
  • Terminal mode
  • Button mode

Step 1: Preliminal Steps

You need only this package on Raspbian Jessie:

sudo apt-get install libav-tools 

First we need to connect the RasPi Camera correctly ( first image ).

Run this command on terminal:

vcgencmd get_camera 

Supported and Detected must be 1, or the script does not run.

If Supported is 0, run this command on terminal sudo raspi-config and enable the camera.

If Detected is 0, the camera is not connected to the Raspi.

Step 2: Internet Connection

You can decide how to connect your raspberry pi on internet:

  1. Cable

Static IP

Why i need to fixed the Static IP?

Every time you connect a device at your network, the router give it a new IP address.

Since you want connect at the some RPi IP, for starting a new timelapse remotely, you now the correct IP.

I remember to you how you can connect at your RPi by SSH command: ssh pi@IP_ADDRESS

Start by editing the dhcpcd.conf file

sudo nano /etc/dhcpcd.conf

If you use the Cable:

interface eth0 
static ip_address= 
static routers= 
static domain_name_servers=

If you use the WiFi Dongle:

interface wlan0 
static ip_address=
static routers=
static domain_name_servers=

Now using " sudo raspi-config " to connect the WiFi Dongle at your WiFi connection. ( 3° and 4° images )

Now every time you will disconnect or reboot the RPi, the RPi will connect at the same Ip address: ssh pi@

Step 3: Install & Run

Download the script folder from GitHub or run this command:

git clonehttps://github.com/DaveCalaway/PiLapseInstall  

The folder "PiLapse" MUST stay at "/home/pi/" and you can install the script by running the command:

python3 Install.py

The script will start autonomously every time the RPi boot.

Step 4: Operation Mode: Terminal Mode

It's time to understand how the Script receive the information for the timelapse.

It's very useful to use with the SSH from remote computer.

In the PiLapse's folder, run:

python3 PiLapse_terminal.py

and follow the guide on the monitor.

When the script will finish to capture the images, will create the timelapse video.

Everything images and the timelapse are in the folder called with the name inserted during the "PiLapse_terminal.py" execution.

Step 5: Operation Mode: Button Mode

The Daemon version help you to control the TimeLapse with an external button.

The Daemon run continuously.

Single shot
Enabled by pressing the button one time.

Time Lapse

Enabled by hold down the button for 3 or more seconds.

It takes 1 pic every 10 second by default. Press the button again to end the time lapse.

You can change this default period by opening the PiLapse.py file and edit the VARIABLES -> freq_button.

It creates a folder called "year-month-day time".

If do you want to use a RGB led, check if it's an Anode or Cathode common!

If it's an Anode common, the code is ok, but if you have an Cathode common, open the PiLapse.py file and edit Anode = 0 in the VARIABLES.

Step 6: DropBox Upload

You can upload your photos and timelapse directly on DropBox. Run this comand only the first time:

cd /home/pi/PiLapse/
curl "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/andreafabrizi/Dropbox-Uploader/master/dropbox_uploader.sh" -o dropbox_uploader.sh
chmod +x dropbox_uploader.sh

Now run:


and follow the guide.

You can modified the variables relative to the DropBox Upload by this guide: https://github.com/DaveCalaway/PiLapse#variable-fo...

Step 7: Raspberry Pi Camera Stand

For my project i need a stand for the Raspberry Camera.

Since i want to leave the entire project open, i looked for an Open source 3D print project.

In my opinion this is a good solution for the beginning: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:274111

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