Introduction: Piano Blaster (Piano to Bluetooth Soundsystem Conversion)

I was out delivering for my day job at the start of lock down and came across an old Console Piano dumped at the side of the road. Console Piano's are a lot smaller and manageable than their full sized cousins. Because I was in a van I drove around the block wheeled it over and tipped it into the on it's back (this would be almost impossible to do singlehandedly with a full sized piano).

While driving about thinking what I could upcycle it into I had the idea of a Jamaican styled beach piano that in my dreams would be a sound system rather than a piano but the kind of thing you may find outside a bar in a Jamaican shanty town.


Reclaimed 1930's Console Piano
Pair of Donor PA Speakers (in this instance some cheapies I found in a skip a few months previously)
Car Stereo Head Unit (I purchased a Sony Bluetooth MP3 Player with USB input)
12 Volt 2.5a Power Supply
12 LED backlit car accessory push Button
1.5 Sheets of 15mm Chipboard
Box of 40mm Wood Screws
Wood Glue
3 x cans of Rust-Oleum 400ml - Ivory Silk Satin
1 x can of Rust-Oleum 400ml - Marigold Gloss
1 x can of Rust-Oleum 400ml - Meadow Green Gloss
1 x can of Rust-Oleum 400ml - Cherry Red Gloss

Step 1:

The first part was to remove all the internals but I was wanting to keep the keys and lid in place.
I used a cordless grinder with a cutting wheel to cut through the strings and then went to work unbolting and unscrewing everything else until I was able to pull the harp out through the top. I then removed the main part of the wooden frame to cut down the weight saving just enough to keep it solid and refitted the remaining section.

At this point I used wood glue on the rear ends of the keys to stop them vibrating and screwed the pedals into a fixed position, I also glued anything that looked like it may rattle or buzz

I stripped out the old speakers and proceeded to make the lower panel to hold the Bass Drivers from the chipboard (the original panel was split and rather flimsy hence I resorted to chipboard)

Next I removed the mouldings from the top panel and cut out the horn openings, screwed the keyboard lid into the open position and cut out the hole for the Head Unit.

A half hearted rub down with a rough grade sandpaper (I still want a shabby chic beach bar look), masked the keys and the pedals then 3 cans of Ivory Rust-Oleum Ivory as a primer followed by 1 each of Red,Gold and Green to finish.

Next I screwed all the speakers into position and was able to use their original wiring to connect them up. I then fitted the Car Head Unit into the Lid and wired it as specified in the Instruction Booklet.

Finally I enclosed the back using the last of the chipboard and wheeled it into my Breakfast Room.

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