Piano Box

Introduction: Piano Box

The Musicdrawer is a school project for interaction design created by Andrea Piombo & Silvio De Raeve

PARTS NEEDED: - 4mm MDF wooden plate - 1 Arduino - 1 9V Battery (Optional) - 1 Subwoofer Box (Optional)- Lots of bolts and nuts - 7 paperclips - Aluminiumtape - Makey Makey cables (you can use any other extension cable)

Step 1: Step 1: Make the Box

We used a lasercutter to create the box from MakerCase.com. Use the size you want, just make sure arduino fits in it. Then paste the box together with the aluminiumtape.

Step 2: Step 3: Arduino Code

You see 3 txt files in here.

1. The main file is piano.txt, open it and paste the code in Piano
2. Make a new tab (not a new file) and paste the second code in Arduino ("Readpin.txt") and name it "ReadPin.cpp"
3. The last file "ReadPinH.txt" open it and past the code in another tab, name it ReadPin.h

Step 3: Step 4: Connect Arduino

The next step is setting Arduino up with the right cables and the right place. If you look at the code you can see where you need to put the main cables at. (Look at the picture to see where we put our cables at).

Step 4: Step 5: Drill a Hole in the Box

Take the top and drill 7 holes in it. Then put the paperclips through the hole (to connect the cables with the paperclip).

Step 5: Step 6: Extending the Cables

If you want you can extend the Arudino cables with the Makey Makey cables (other extend cables are good also).

Step 6: Step 7: Pasting the Tape

Paste the tape at the top of the box so it connects with the paperclip. Then if you activate the code and press the tape, you will hear the notes. (Optional: you can put a subwoofer in the box so you can hear the sound better).

Step 7: Step 8: Enjoy the Piano Box!

We also have a youtube instructable and how the end result looks.

Note: For our school project we had to take the Piano Box on the street and film it.

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