Introduction: Piano Table

My friend had a piano that doesn't work properly and couldn't be repaired. Then I decided to give to this piano second chance and build a computer table.

Step 1:

Firstly I had disassembled all wooden part and transported them to my house (the bag with keys looks pretty funny). The metal part was too heavy and difficult to transport, so it had bee left for someone who wanted to sell it as metal junk.

Step 2: The Base

Secondly, I built a wooden frame as a base.

Step 3: Painting

Painted all the frame and other parts from inside.

Step 4: Keyboard

Made a fake-keyboard and lighten it with led-stripes. Left piano's pedal switching the lights on\off. Table surface was made from the front lower panel of piano and then covered by acrylic glass.

Step 5: Mounting PC and Monitor

PC mounted downwards the table between handmade sound system (it's the other story - see soon my next instructible of making it). UV light shows glowing wires and switch made on right piano's pedal. Monitor holder was made from some square aluminium tubes with possibility of horizontal turning but now it remade to hard-mounting because of no need to turned it :)

Step 6: Here Is the Result

I made it 6-7 years ago and still using it. Do not hesitate to ask any questions! Good luck to you all for any projects.

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