Introduction: Pic-Tac: a Guitar Pick Holder

Hate digging through a messy bag to find the one pick you need? Well with this simple pick holder you can keep your picks on your guitar strap or belt! Follow these steps to make a simple pic holder out of two tic-tac boxes.
You will need:
-two tic-tac boxes
-hot glue gun

Step 1: Making the Clip

First, remove the label and cap of one tic-tac box (you won't need either)
Second, cut out the bottom of the box with the knife (pic 1)
Third, cut a straight line down the side of the box (pic 2)

Step 2: Make the Box

If you want to keep the tic-tac label cut it right at the top so that you can take out the cap(you will need the cap)

Step 3: Putting It All Together

To finish this you need to glue the clip to the back of the box, make sure to use alot of glue so it doesn't fall off. Depending on what you prefer you can put the clip on vertically(pic 1) or horizantily. Vertical for a guitar strap and horizantal for a belt.

Step 4: FInished

Now that you are finished you can rock out and be organized!