Pickle Ball Net Adjustment for Tennis Court




Introduction: Pickle Ball Net Adjustment for Tennis Court

Pickle Ball has become a wildly popular sport almost overnight. There is a huge shortage of pickle ball courts nationwide. This Instructable shows you how to simply and elegantly transform a tennis court into a pickle ball court without impinging upon the snobby tennis players in any way.

Step 1: Politics

Paint the pickle ball court on the tennis court. We had this done professionally for about $200/court. The tennis players will gnash their teeth, moan, groan and be generally be insufferable but they will get over it. Besides, you may have more pickle ball players than tennis players or will shortly. Threaten a hostile takeover.

Step 2: Adjust the Tennis Net

The tennis net is 36" at the center. The Pickle Ball net is 34" at center and 36" on the ends. Notice in the center of the tennis court there is an eye bolt imbedded and a snap hook attached to a strap which adjusts the height of the net. Pull that down 2" and now you are set for the center. Now you need eye bolts on either side and two straps and you are in business. Straps can be had on Amazon for about 14 bucks.

Step 3: More Politics

To avoid more gnashing of teeth from the tennis mob, do this at night. They will never notice. The new eye bolts are hidden under the net and completely out of play just like the one in the center. And, never mind, shortly there will be more pickle ball players than tennis players.

Step 4: The Joy of It All

All the tennis players have to do to return to the sacred dimensions of tennis net height is to unhook the snap links at either end at the pickle ball line and adjust 2" up in the center. You will probably have to show them...they are not a handy lot.

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    Question 12 months ago on Step 1

    Who did you use to professionally paint the courts?


    2 years ago

    Adjusting the net can be tricky, especially if these are public courts. You really don't want to mess with the straps as the tennis players will complain, especially if you forget to put them back. That's why the Convert-a-Net is the only tennis net adjuster that doesn't require drilling into the ground or adjusting the crank. In less than 2 min you can be up and playing and when your are done, it's just as easy to take down and put it back in the convenient bag. You should keep your Convert-a-Net in your pickleball bag, so now any tennis court can easily be converted to a pickleball court!


    4 years ago

    Among different sports and games tennis is the most popular game. Apart from tennis pickle ball is very popular which is very close to the tennis game; to have better bounce we have found good tennis courts are prepared. I was just wondering what types of courts are suitable for tennis and what how much cost it is?