Introduction: Pickle Plasma

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Yes I said pickle plasma its not the kind of plasma you find in space or at MIT's plasma maker chamber thingy(i forgot the name) but this is plasma to some degree. I discovered pickle plasma at MIT when a select school group of me and some of my friends(because we are smart to some degree) went for a trip and Mr.Magnet showed us pickle plasma. Use caution when using this because it uses "high" current. hehe but you know what your doing.

Step 1: Materials

This is a list of all the materials:
Screw Driver
Nail Gun
Wood Glue
1" bit
Bit for wire
Measuring tape
Circular Saw
2 Forks
Key Switch
2 gain box
Wire nut
Electrical tape
connector thing you will see I forgot the name
2 gain lift up thing to screw switches onto(you'll see)
Wall plug
I may have left something out and if i did pm me and I will change it

Step 2: Constructing the Box

Ok so first you need to make the box I used three 13"x13" plywood squares you can change the dimensions to your need's. So measure out the wood and cut the three squares. Once you have that done use wood glue and glue the wood together and nail it together. Put it together like in the photos. and then I added two little shelves to hold the pickle and forks. Glue and nail those on. For aesthetics I added thin pieces of trim those are optional if you want them just nail them on to the edge. After the box is together drill a 1" hole where you want the plug and 2 gain switch box. Let the box dry for 24 hrs. After the box is done drill two holes in the end of the forks for the wire to go.

Step 3: Making the Electrical

Ok so to juice the pickle we need 120vac which is your wall basic enough. The electrical box is very basic even a child can make it. So get a metal 2 gain box and one of those raiser things that makes it so you can put two switches on it. Get your keyed switch and normal switch and power cable. Run your power cable into the box anywhere of the knockouts will work, and put one of those connectors on it. Strip all the wires. Hook it up so your black goes to the keyed switch then the normal switch. Then connect both the grounds I just added a pigtail like in the pix. Now get two long wires wire twist the white wires together and screw the black wire onto the switch. screw the switches on the box and put the wires through the hole and screw the box onto the box. Now strip the end o the wires about two inches. Twist the wire in and around the two forks separately apply electrical tape liberally. The box is done you can add some more to it but i didn't do anything special. And if i forgot something pleas pm me it was a project over a couple days so it may be a little off.

Step 4: Testing

Ok get a big pickle and plug the forks into the pickle about 1/2 an inch apart in the pickle. Give it juice and once you see orange yellow go away kill the power before it blows up. So get some pickles the box and an audience(cole).

I made a power point on how it works