Introduction: Pickle Rick Pickles

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Step 1: Break Out Photoshop .... or Just Print This Png.

This will definitely be a short instructable.

The steps are basically:

  • Find jar of whole pickles.
  • Remove label from jar of pickles.
  • Create new label for jar of pickles.
    • Option 1: Break out Photoshop and and scour the web for various images to make your label. Put them all together in Photoshop.
    • Option 2: Just use the PNG attached to this instructable.
  • Print label
  • Cut out label
  • Glue label to jar of pickles.

Honestly I just did this because I happen to have a jar of pickles sitting around that someone gave me at some point and I don't really eat pickles. This seemed like a good reason to keep them around.

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