Introduction: Pickled Cucumbers for Summer. Ultra Fast.

It's a recipe I've known for a long time, because my parents made it. I did it for my children and now for my grandchildren. Probably they will do it too, because it is a very simple recipe, easy to make and with a very good taste. That's why it's so popular here.

They are not made to be stored for a long time, but for immediate consumption.

It's a summer fantasy.


Any food market in the world.

Step 1: Let's Talk About Ingredients.

  • Cucumbers. They are cornison as fresh as possible .

    Choose smaller cucumbers, wash and cut the tail. It is allowed to cut the tail because it is not pickles left to ferment for a long time. Approx.1.5 Kg for what we will do here.

  • Salt. 2 large spoons.

    It seems simple, but it can prove to be a bit more complicated, because iodized salt cannot be used here.

    This could raise some issues because iodine-free salt is harder to find in some places.

    However, do not use iodized salt, because it has two effects:
    - It makes everything blue, and blue pickles are not good-looking at all.

-Smooth the cucumbers instead of leaving them crispy and it's not OK at all.

  • 6 ... 7 cloves of garlic.

  • 1 big hot pepper or 2 smaller ones.

  • Dried dill. A big bunch. If you can't find it, it can be replaced with dried thyme. A big bunch.

  • You need a jar with a lid, well washed, in this case 2 liters.

Step 2: We Put Everything in the Jar.

After washing the cucumbers well, place them in the jar as compact as possible. Peeled and washed garlic and pepper (cut in half) are placed among the cucumbers.

The dried dill is pressed on top, as in the photo.

Salt is added on top and filled with cold water to the top.

The water must be of good quality, without chlorine or other disinfectants, as is often found in big cities.

Screw the jar lid tightly and shake well so that the water dissolves the salt.

Step 3: We Pickle the Cucumbers

Place the jar directly in the sunlight. In the photo you can see how it quietly waits (between the Oac frog and a seasonal flower) to pickle.

This can take 2 days if it is sunny and warm outside, up to 5-6 days if there is less sun.

During this period, it is important to partially unscrew the cover to allow the pressure inside to release.

Step 4: We Get Cold and Eat.

After pickling, the cucumbers are left to cool as they are, in jar, for at least 12 hours in the refrigerator.

Here they will be kept until we finish them, which will happen (I'm sure) very quickly.

It is washed, cut as in the main photo and served as such or as a garnish for other dishes.

And that's it!