Introduction: Pickled Head Costume

This is an easy costume that got me a lot of compliments and laughter. I am sure you will enjoy it and so will your friends!


· Large long shirt

· Cardboard long enough to fill out the shirt

· A long stick to tape to the cardboard to keep the cardboard straight

· Backpack

· A large plastic container to fit a head

· Large gloves

· Soft material to stuff in the gloves and sleeves of the shirt: bubble wraps, newspapers

· Safety pins to attach the gloves to the sleeves

· Optional: a scarf

Step 1: Cardboard Support for Body

Cut the cardboard in the same of a rectangle such a way that

a. The bottom part will fit in the backpack and is narrower than the top part.

b. The top part should fit the shirt

Step 2: Vertical Support to the Cardboard

Tape the stick vertically to the middle of the cardboard to keep it straight.

Insert cardboard in shirt.

Step 3: Fill and Attach Gloves

Fill in gloves with plastic bags and with the safety pins, pin the gloves to the end of the sleeves of the shirt

Step 4: Cut Up Container and Attach Gloves to the Container

Cut off the bottom and one side of the plastic container so your head would fit.

Tape the gloves to the front of the container to simulate some hands holding it up

Step 5: Stuff Sleeves and Zip Up Cardboard in Backpack

Stuff the sleeves of the shirt

Tie the scarf to hide the cardboard.

Place the cardboard in the backpack and zip up the backpack as far as possible to hold the cardboard in place

Step 6: Put on Costume

Put on the backpack, place your head in the container, and button up the shirt. If the shirt is too short, just wear a matching shirt.

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