Introduction: Picnic Plates on Steroids

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I know this has been done before (see Volcanic Picnic Plates by hpstoutharrow in outside: camping). I have to give him credit for giving me the incentive to put his idea on steroids (like Arnold S.) I just needed more room on my plate for more goodies! So here goes!

Step 1: Get a Rally Big Plate!

I wanted more space on my plate for more food. I found out too many times at family  picnics that if you don't get it the first time around, its gone! So enter the Picnic Plate on Steroids!    I found a really big plate (platter) at my local and favorite Dollar Store, also some good size drink bottles.
    Now trace  the bottle mouth (top cap removed) ,underneath the plate in the center. I used a felt tip marker.  Get out your trusty Dremel Tool fitted with a  composite cutting wheel, (please:  wear gloves & eye protection )  and carefully cut out the circle that you have just traced. Cut inside the line for a good fit. You can always remove more plastic for a nice fit but you can't put it back! It does not have to be perfect, as long as the bottle threads fit through the hole and the cap screws onto the bottle from above with the plate in between.

Step 2: Soldering Gun Can Be Used Too!

If you don't have a Dremel Tool (get one, they are awesome)  you can use a Soldering Gun to melt the hole, then clean up the edges with sandpaper. Place a fan to blow air across your work area. So you won't breath the fumes. Plastic melting is stinky and toxic. Don't breathe it!!!

Step 3: Fit Your Bottle Up Into the Plate!

Place your bottle up under the plate and see how it fits. Don't worry if its a little loose.  Now screw on the cap and snug it down. If it fits nice, you have done it! If not make adjustments to the hole and fit again.

Step 4: Wash Then Fill With Drink & Screw on the Cap!

Wash out :Use warm soapy water, rinse well, then fill with your favorite drink! Screw on the cap. 

Step 5: Now, Go and Fill 'er Up!

Get to the food and fill 'er up! Get what you want now, you have plenty of room! Just watch out for jealous relatives! They may try to trip you up as you walk away! Not funny!

Step 6: View From Downunder (USA)

I must confess - this red bottle cost a bit more than a buck, but I had to have it! Red is my favorite color!

Step 7: A Green and Blue Model for My Wifey!

This one had to be fitted with a straw. The cap thingy won't allow drinking unless you put a straw into it. You'll see what I mean!

Step 8: Blue Plate Cut Out

Step 9: Green Bottle & Blue Plate

Step 10: A Pink Bottle for My Next Plate!

This is a pink Dollar Store bottle for my next plate project.   Many colors are available too! This type needs a straw! There are so many cool twisty straws to chose from!

Step 11: Stay Away From My Plate!

Step 12: Take Your Best Shot! He Bites!

Step 13: Pig Out!


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