Introduction: Picnic Table

2x6 and 2x4 picnic table.
Material list: 15 - 2x6x8 treated lumber
6 - 2x4x8 treated lumber
2 - boxes 9 lbs 2&1/2" exterior
20 - 3/8"x 3" galvanize bolts
24 - 3/8" galvanize nuts
24 - 3/8" galvanize washers
4 - 3/8"x 4@1/2" galvanize bolts

Step 1: Table

Table: I first cut six straight 2x6 down to 8 feet. I then placed them together on the ground and measured the width. It was 33". I then cut four 2x4 32" long to long. The ends where cut at a 30 degree angle. I then attached the 2x4's to the bottom of the 2x6's. As seen in picture I screwed one at a time using clamps to bring tight. Wanted it tight because the wood will dry out and leave a small gap when it does. Also make sure crown is down like in the last picture. As the wood drys it will follow the grain, then your left with a cup like shape on the top. I spaced the 2x4's to my liking. Turned out to be 16" from the ends to the first 2x4 and 41" to the second. I measured both ways to make it unison.
Legs: cut 2x6 at a 30 degree angle on one end, measure from long to short 30&3/4" and cut that at a 30 degree angle. Remembering that is the short point. Cut a total of four. Cut 2 2x6 to 32" long to long with 30 degree angle on both ends and 2 2x6 41@1/2" long to long with 30 degree angle on both ends. Measuring 5&3/4" from the bottom of legs up. Attaching the 41&1/5" 2x6. The 32" needs to be flush with the top of legs. Spacing to your liking, mine is 18" outside to outside. As seen in the pictures I the attached the legs to the outer 2x4. I then cut 2 2x4 28&1/4" long to short @ a 30 degree bevel. And attached it from leg to table. Once done ask for help and flip table over. I then pre drilled holes to accept the 3/8" washer with a 1" bit and then finish the rest with a 3/8" bit. I then installed the bolts,washers and nuts. (Note the 4&1/2" bolts goes on the top of the legs.)

Step 2: Seats

Seat: Cut 2 2x6 to 8 feet place them on the picnic table together. Cut 4 2x4 to 11" with a 30 degree angle on both ends. Attach them to the bottom of the 2 2x6. Spacing to your liking. Mine is 19&1/4" to the first and 38 to the second measuring from both ends. Remembering crown down. Once all are attached turn over.
Legs: Cut 4 2x6 to 17@3/4 long to short with a 30 degree angle on both ends. I then cut 2&1/2" off square of the angle on one end. As seen in first picture, you need to bring the legs close together so cutting square off the angle achieves this. I then cut 2 2x4 13&1/2" long to long with a 30 degree angle. I then rip them down to 2&1/4" making sure long ends glide the table saw guide. Measuring on the legs down 3&1/2" attach the rip piece below the 3&1/2" mark. Making sure both legs stay together at top. Cut 2 2x4 to 21" with a 30 degree angle on both ends attaching them to the legs. I measured 3&1/2" down from the rip piece attached earlier. Once done attached to the outer 2x4's on seat. Cut 2 2x4 to 19&1/2" long to short, top at a 30 degree angle and bottom at 27 degree angle. Cut 1/4" off square of the bottom angel like shown in picture with my finger. Attached to legs and seat. I then pre drilled two 1" holes for the 3/8" washer. And finish with 3/8" bit on top of legs. Install the 3" bolts, washers and nuts. Must repeat step 2 for second seat. Wait a year before applying finish, wood needs to dry.

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