Introduction: Picnic Swingbag

Hello everyone,

The current school project that I’m working on is a swing.

I thought that it would be nice if the swing had another option as well, so I came by the idea of a picnic blanket which you can transform in to a swing.

You can also transform the mat in to a shoulder bag. You can put the ropes and chains in it + your picnic and

Step 1: What Do You Need ? + Make a Design

What do you need ?

- A large piece of fabric, make sure it’s not to tin

- 2 pulleys

- 2 sturdy ropes

- 2 metal cylinders

- 2 metal chains

- 2 push buttons

- 3 velcro's

Step 2: Prepare the Mat

First of al we denote the green marks (height from head to hips, middle off the mat) on the mat.

On the design we see 2 circles, on that place you'll need to make a little incisions.

Step 3: Attach the Pulley

Use a sewing machine to attach the pulleys to the end off the ropes.

When you look to the design, you need to attach the pulleys at the shortest piece of the ropes.

Step 4: Attach the Cylinders

Use a sewing machine to attach the cylinders.

On the design you can see where you need to attach them. It depends for every person

Step 5: Sewing the Rope on the Mat

1. Place the ropes at the right place.

2. Insert the rope 'pulley first) through the incisions you made.

3. The cylinder needs top be at the top

4. Sew the ropes on the mat, make sure it's firm. I've made 4/5 lines with the sewing machine.

Step 6: Attach the Metal Chain to the Rope

Use the sewing machine to attach the metal chains to the end of the ropes.

Step 7: Close the Mat

Use the sewing machine, to connect all the endings to each other.

Your mat is everywhere closed.

Step 8: Make You're 'pillow' on the Swing

When you've sewed the rope to the mat, you'll see that you have a lot of mat over.

With that part you'll make the pillow.

You can find the dimensions on the design.Those are the pink lines and rectangles, the rectangles are the Velcro.

Don't use adhesive Velcro, it will not stick to the fabric and make it really hard to sew it. It will make you're needle sticky.

Step 9: Make the Shoulder Bag

The last step !

On the previous step you've seen the design and the dimensions.

Look at the yellow, orange and brown marks.

The yellow and orange marks are for the zips.

The brown marks are for the push buttons.

I've made a little instruction for you. You can see in what order you make the shoulder bag.

Step 10: How to Make the Swing ?

1. Connect the pulley and cylinder with each other.

2. Make the seat : connect the Velcros


4. Connect the metal chain with the pulley

5. Your swing is ready !

A lot of fun with your picnic swing bag !!