Introduction: Picsart Draw Yourself Effect (Picsart Sketchy Effect)

Hi Everyone, I'm Daniel In this instructable I'm gonna show you How to Create Sketchy Portrait Effect using the Free Mobile Editing App called Picsart. This Effect is Inspired by the Digital Artist Sebastian Del Grosso, Who use to blend Photography and Art in One Image.


Download Picsart Here:



Step 1: Open Your Image in Picsart

  • Open Picsart
  • Click on the Plus icon to Edit Photos
  • Tap on All Photos
  • Then Select your Image to Edit (Image that look like you are drawing yourself is better option)

Step 2: Use Cutout Tool

  • Then Select Cutout Tool
  • Draw around our Subject
  • Then use Brush and Eraser Tool to correct some errors
  • Then Click on Save

Step 3: Now Save and Discard

  • Now Save the Image in Gallery
  • Then Discard the Image

Step 4: New Drawing Document

  • Then on the Drawings Option, Click on the Pick up Canvas
  • Select 1920x1080

Step 5: Create Radial Gradient

  • Select Brush Tool
  • Change the Size to 128 px and Opacity to 100%
  • Change the Hardness to 1%
  • Make the Color to Black
  • Create the Circle in the Canvas
  • Open Layers Dialog and Select the Three on the Top
  • Then Select Transform
  • Enlarge The Circle
  • Then Proceed and Edit Image

Step 6: Change the Color of Radial Gradient

  • Go to Effects - Colors
  • Select the Negative Effect
  • Press Tick

Step 7: Add Our Extracted Photo

  • Then Click on Add Photo
  • Add our Background Removed Photo
  • Transform it
  • Save it to Gallery

Step 8: Add Sketchy Effect

  • Then Go to fx - Magic
  • Then Select Sketchy Effect
  • Then click on tick to apply it

Step 9: Then Adjust the Image Settings

  • Then Go to Tools - Adjust
  • Then Adjust the Saturation to -100
  • Contrast to 82
  • Shadows to -60
  • Highlights to -11
  • Clarity to 10

Step 10: Then Go to Draw

  • Then go to Draw - Draw
  • Click on the Layers Dialog
  • Tap on the Plus icon
  • Select Photo Layer
  • Select the Previously saved Image

Step 11: Change the Eraser Settings

  • Select the Eraser Tool
  • Select the Brush type as shown in the Image
  • Change the Settings as shown in the Image

Step 12: Erase the Image to Reveal the Sketch Layer

  • Use the Eraser tool to Erase where you want to show the Sketch
  • Then Save the Image

Step 13: Conclusion

That's it.. We just created the Sketchy Potrait | Draw Yourself Effect in Picsart. Thanks for Reading the Instructable.

If you still have some doubts.. You can Watch the Tutorial over here

~God Bless~