Introduction: Picture Frame Headboard

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A simple headboard is the perfect way to spice up your bedroom.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture Frame
Spray Paint
Staple Gun
Cardboard - want it to fit into the back of the picture frame

Step 2: Paint Frame

I bought this frame for 50 cents.  To spiff it up I primed it then spray painted it gold.  Read the instructions for the primer to know how long to wait before spray painting.

You can also use a metal frame in which case you don't need to paint it (you still can).  You can find a nice metal from from an old mirror.  

Step 3: Prepare Fabric

Measure the length and heigh of the picture frame.  Get a piece of fabric with a length and height 3 inches longer than picture frame. 

You can create your own design and sew multiple pieces of fabric together.  You can see I sewed two pieces of fabric together for my headboard.

Cut out two pieces of batting with a length and height 3 inches longer than picture frame.

If you want you can cut out more pieces of batting depending on how puffy you want your headboard to be.

Step 4: Prepare Headboard

1. Place painted picture fram face down on a table.

2. Drap fabric face down over the frame.  Position the fabric w/in the fram to appear how you want it for the headboard.

3. Place the two layers of batting over the fabric.

4. Put the cardboard on top and push it down so it fits into the picture frame back.

Step 5: Staple Layers

Use a staple gun to secure all the layers together.

Go around the inside edge of the picture frame and staple the fabric, batting and cardboard into the picture frame.  Make sure to pull the fabric taught while you staple.

Step 6: Hang Up the Frame

Hang the frame above your bed!

I realize I hung my headboard a little too high above my bed.  It has recently been lowered.