Introduction: Picture Frame Hiding Place

Ever see a picture (or overlooked a picture), Well that picture could be the perfect hiding place for something valuable.

Step 1: Choosing

Choose the picture and frame you wish to use to hide your stuff behind. I have chose to use a canvas frame from Walgreens, I will also write the instructions for those who choose to use a traditional picture frame.

Step 2: Loosening the Back

You will need a Philips head screw-driver for the canvas frame, after you have gotten your screw-driver you will need to un-screw the screws from the frame. For the traditional frame you can either use your fingers to lift the metal prongs on the side, or you may use a flat head screw-driver as it may hurt to use your fingers.

Step 3: Taking the Back Off

On the canvas frame, take off the black part of the frame that you have just in-srcewed from the rest of the frame. For the traditional frame, take off the back that is no longer being held down by the prongs.

Step 4: Taking the Back Off Part2

Those who are using traditional frames jump to Step 7, the canvas frame needs a bit more work. In this step you will use a flat head screw-driver to lift the black plastic corners off of the canvas.

Step 5: Taking the Back Off Part3

You will need the flat head screw-driver again to take off the wood pieces holding the back down on the picture. While taking the wood pieces off, do not put the screw-driver in the middle of the wood, put it at the end as I did, if you pry the wood off from the middle you could break them.

Step 6: Taking the Back Off Part4

After you have taken the wood and the black corners off, it is now the last step to taking the back off of the picture. You simply lift the black cardboard cover off of the pictures back.

Step 7: Hiding Whatever Will Fit

You can now hide whatever will fit in the space behind the canvas, such as a book, money, keys, etc. After you have hidden what you chose you just work backwards to put the canvas back together.

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