Introduction: Picture Tutorial: Making Ruffled Trim

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  • Picture Tutorial: Making Ruffled Trim
  • For my ruffled trim, I chose to use the same fabric as I used to make my top, but you could use something contrasting if you'd like. My fabrication is a cotton/lycra jersey, but you could use a woven with this technique as well. If you choose to use a woven and cut on the crosswise grain, you will not get as much of a lettuce edge as you would with a knit. If you cut your trim on the bias, you will get more of a lettuce edge with a woven.

Step 1: Cut Fabric and Prepare Fabric

  • Decide how wide you want your ruffle to be and them prepare and cut the fabric. I chose to make my ruffle 1 1/2" wide. Cut your fabric in the crosswise direction. In the direction of most stretch for a knit. If you're using a woven fabrication, you could also cut the fabric on the bias for more stretch.
  • Set up your overlock/serger to do a narrow rolled hem stitch. Many machines do this operation with 2 or 3 threads. Choose the one you like best. I used contrasting threads with a 3 thread rolled hem to add another element to my trim.

Step 2: Finish the Edges With a Overlock/Serger Rolled Hem

  • Start at the end of the fabric and insert it into your machine. Pull the fabric gently as you stitch along to create the "lettuce edge".

Step 3: Add a Basting Stitch to the Center of the Fabric

  • After you've finished off the edges, it's time to gather into a ruffle. I stitched a single machine basting stitch and then pulled the bobbin thread to create the gathers. I gathered mine very tightly to get the look I wanted, but you could gather as much or as little to achieve the look you want. I just ran a long basting stitch down the center of my strip. You could also use a ruffle attachment if you're familiar with one of those.

Step 4: Pull in Basting Stitch to Create Gathers & Stitch to Secure

  • Once the ruffle is gathered in, run another stitch down the center of the ruffle to secure the gathers.
  • Add the ruffles you created to your project.

Step 5:

Trim can be added anywhere you like on any type of project from garments like mine, to Home Decor projects. Pin the trim to your project and sew down the center or the ruffle. I chose to add it to my neckline, because I felt it needed some Jazzing Up!