Picture Wheel



Introduction: Picture Wheel

Do you want a cool new peice of wall art that also has function?
Who wouldn't?

Make yourself a cool wheel to display pictures. It's awesome and it's easy :D

Step 1: Gather Materials

All you need is:


paint color of your choice

clear coat

tire with rim

Step 2: Clean

Make sure that your tire is clean. If you try to paint a dirty tire, you will have chippy painting regrets.

Then just wait for it to dry before any paint is applied.

Step 3: Paint, Paint, Paint...

First lay down a coat of primer completely covering the tire. This may take a few coats, as you need to set it down on a dry side each time.

After the primer has fully dried you can apply your paint color the same way you did the primer.

Then after the paint has dried, apply the clear coat in multiple coats to protect your paint job.

Step 4: Picture Time!

Now put that tire up on a wall or wherever you like, and put pictures in between the spokes or hold them in with clothespins of any size.


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