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Want some pie but really feel like a cookie? Make some Pie Cookies! You can make any flavor you want just by changing out the color of your M&Ms. You can make Cherry or Blueberry, Banana, or Pumpkin...even Chocolate!

Step 1:

First you need some round sugar cookies. Use a box mix, a tube, your favorite recipe, or buy some plain at the store (shhhh...I won't tell!) You also need some white icing...again you can use your favorite recipe or favorite can of frosting. Tint about 2/3 a light brown and keep the rest white. Spread a little brown frosting on your cookies, just enough to hold the M&Ms.

Step 2:

Choose your pie flavor and select the M&M color accordingly. For example, blue is Blueberry or red would be Cherry. In this case, the pie was Apple (green M&Ms). Line the center of your cookie with the M&Ms and then pipe on some brown frosting "crust" (using Wilton tip #102) around the edges.

Step 3:

Now, pipe the criss-cross that goes on the Top of the pie. Using the same #102 tip and brown frosting, pipe stripes in one direction, with a space in the middle of each, and then repeat going the other direction. Alternately, if you are doing a pie that usually has whipped cream on top (like Banana), use the white icing you reserved before to pipe on whipped cream puffs (using Wilton tip #18).

Step 4:

And there you have it! A cute collection of Pie Cookies, ready to enjoy with no fork needed!

(Note: This recipe idea was given to me by a friend...I have no idea where it originally came from.)

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