Introduction: PieHome

Ahoy maties, I am Srgnt. MuffinBottom. Today I will teach you how to build a Piehome. Now when you hear Piehome you instantly think a yummy house made of yummy delicious pie. Well as much as I wish this were true it's not. A Piehome is a P.(Portable) I.(Ipod) ehome. This is a very simple but effective D.I.Y.

Step 1: Equipment

Items Needed --> A card box
Electrical Tape
A Clock
A Drill bit+Drill
A Blade or Knife

Step 2: Cut Holes

First take the card box and cut three holes in it like in the picture below. Now cut away the excess plastic with the blade so you don't have plastic fuzzies hanging off.

Step 3: Headphones

Take the headphones and tape them to the inside of the box under the holes in the middle. Tape the headphones with an "X" to provide extra stickiness. Now do the second one the same way you did the first one.

Step 4: Jack

Now you remember cutting three holes right? So with the last hole stick the headphone jack through this hole. Make sure you have room to put your Ipod in.

Step 5: Wires

Now cram the wires into the box and close it. A good idea though is to even out the wires then fold them up THEN close it.

Step 6: Testing...1...2...3

Now that is is done make sure it works by trying your Ipod out on it. It will probably be very low in volume this is normal. Don't freak out if you get sound out of it, even if its VERY low, you did this right. If you are not getting sound yet retry steps 3-5.

Step 7: Closing for Good

Now that that's over with we can close this bad boy up. Take God's almighty electrical tape and cover most of the body like in picture one. DON'T COVER OVER THE JACK THOUGH. If you do then how are you going to get your music out? HUH?

Step 8: Clocking It Up

I would have to say this is one of the easiest parts of this D.I.Y. Grab your clock and stand it up next to your base. Take the tape and tape it across the bottom connecting it to the base. After that is finished take the blade and cut holes were the plastic holes are. (Sorry the picture with the holes in it is blurry)

Step 9: Success!

The finished product for Ipod Nanos. People with older models who have headphone jacks on top stay tuned thats coming up next. People with Ipod Nanos stay tuned or go to the step 12 to program your Ipod how to use this, same with other people.

Step 10: Headphone Jack on Top

If you have an older model Ipod or the headphone jack just happens to be on the top fear not. I have concocted a method on how you can use this D.I.Y. Follow every step up to #8. Take the clock and tape it on as show in the picture below. Only with this way it is harder to keep the clock stable so put some tape behind it as shown in picture 3.

Step 11: Success(Number 2)

Now you have really finished this D.I.Y. look at the pictures to see how to use it this way. (Upside Down)

Step 12: Setup

Now to setup your Ipod to use this handy portable device follow these steps.

Main Menu-->Settings-->EQ-->Vocal Booster
Main Menu-->Settings-->Volume Limit-->(Put it at Maximum)


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    Not a bad concept and pretty decent looking, just needs amplification for the speakers...


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    For the bigger speakers, you need to amplify the power coming from the MP3 to get proper sound and to avoid blowing the tiny amp meant for powering headphones...


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    do a search for portable amps on 'ibles, loads of instruction, many with full circuit schematics for the amps... Basically the circuit takes the audio signal and amplifies it by repeating it at higher voltage and amperage to power big speakers...


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    No worries, the easiest thing to do really is take prebuilt low power computer speakers and run them off batteries, don't follow the 'ible that was made recently, I'll be finishing a nice one soon...


    14 years ago on Introduction

    I like #2 a lot better. Maybe you should put a dock in...instead of sitting your iPod on a headphone jack.

    My first instructable please be kind i hate beating beaten down on my first try. Im fourteen I can use most tools so if you find a better way to do part of this please share.