Piece of Cake Pendant! (It's a Piece of Cake!)




Introduction: Piece of Cake Pendant! (It's a Piece of Cake!)

To make a piece of cake pendant, out of polymer clay is really quite easy.   The hardest part is deciding, what type of cake it is going to be!  In this instructable, I made a funfetti cake, with strawberry icing, and a dollop of whipped cream on top.  Also, pictured is a yellow cake with fudge frosting, and a strawberry on top!  It just makes my mouth water!

Step 1: Baking Ingredients!

Things you will need to make these pendants:

1. Polymer Clay  (Various colors according to what kind of cake you would like to make.)
2. Tile ( I work with a 12"x12" tile as my work surface.)
3. Oven
4. Glassware to bake with.
5. Pot holder
6. Metal jewelry ring, so you can attach it to necklace, keychain, etc.
7. Tools  (For this I used an old knife I had, toothpick, scraper, and my fingers!)
8. Clear Nail Polish

Step 2: Mix Your Colors!

Start by conditioning your clay.  This will take a while, and if you keep making things with polymer clays you will have very sore, but stong fingers.

For my yellow cake, I decided I wanted a lighter color yellow than the one I had, so I mixed a  ball of yellow and a ball of white together to get a lighter yellow.

Step 3: Make Your Wedges!

After, your colors or should I say flavors, are to your liking. Flatten the ball into a pancake.  Remember that as thick as your pancake is, is going to be as thick as your piece is. 

I cut out a little template in the shape of a pie piece, and stuck it on the clay.  Then, cut it out.   Repeat this step until you have as many layers as you want in your cake!

For the yellow cake, I only did two layers, for the funfetti cake, I did three layers.

Step 4: Pie Pieces!

After you have cut out your pie pieces, and they are to your liking, that's when we get out our trusty toothpick!

Start poking those suckers!

This will give them the texture they need to become a cake!

For the funfetti cake, I took little pieces of other clays and rolled them into snakes.  Then, with my toothpick, I picked up a very small piece, and poked it into the cake, to give that fun effect!

Now, it is time to bake these guys.  Follow the instructions on your polymer clay packaging for the clay pieces.  After they are done cooking, take them out and make sure they cool before you start handling them, or working with them.

Step 5: Frosting!

Once the cake pieces are cool to the touch, then you can frost them!

I take my pieces and put them together to see how the best way they can fit together is, and which one do I want the top to be and which the bottom.

Roll out the color frosting you want and place a piece of baked cake on top of it, now cut it out.

Pick up the excess frosting colored clay, and roll it out again. 

Sandwich the two pieces of cake together.

Now, on the large flattened circle of frosting, place it gently over the entire outside of your cake, sticking it firmly.  With your fingers, start gingerly tearing away the pieces on the outside, until you are left with only the amount that you need on the cake.

Remember that no cake is perfect, and it will look more cake like with small imperfections.

Step 6: Add Pin!

Now, is the time that I like to add my pin to the frosting!  I cut the pin shorter and attach it into the frosting of the cake. 

How you want it to hang is up to you!

Step 7: Garnish!

Your cake is NAKED!

To garnish the yellow cake, I made a small strawberry, by rolling out a ball of red polymer clay, and dimpling it with a toothpick, then adding a small green snake shape on top of the strawberry.

For the Funfetti cake, I took a snake of white polymer clay coiled it and put it on top as whipped cream!

Step 8: Twice Baked Cake!

Now, stick your cake into the oven for the second time, and bake!

Once it is baked, and cooled, then apply a thin coat of clear nail polish to the frosting area only, and you get a really neat cake effect!

Bon Appetit!

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    7 years ago

    Okay, but shouldn't be frosting on the bottom and could use more texturing for the cake part


    8 years ago

    I love these they would go good on a charm bracelet!

    Oh my gosh, too cute!! :D Thanks so much, I almost paid 15 dollars for earrings I just made for like, a dollars worth of clay :) And they turned out so cute! :D It's the first time I've maid them, so they weren't perfect, but I'll definitely be making more in different colors very soon :) I also didn't do the texture, but next time, I'll try it as well ^_^


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Really cute and realistic looking! Great job! :D


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Adorable! I could definitely use more pictures to help me understand how to apply the frosting to the cake slices. More process pics of funfetti cake would be awesome too. If you need a reason to make more, you can just send them to Sarah at Instructables HQ! :D